Darkness in Tenement 45


Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 391

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shagee7977 10 / 10

Nicole Groton creates a atmospheric masterpiece

DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45 from writer/director Nicole Groton

Perfect for the times we are living now and the upcoming winter season. Turn down the lights and get ready to be on your couch not knowing what to expect next. The time is 1953 and threats of a Viral bomb from the Soviet Union on NY is upon our holdouts in a tenement. They refuse to evacuate but as always people remain behind. Our main character Joanna (Nicole Tompkins) is coping with a very uncomfortable set up. After having an episode that set her over the edge she moves in the tenement with her Aunt Martha. Aunt Martha (Casey Kramer) and her Uncle Felix (David Labiosa). Martha immediately put her on edge and not really helping her condition which she calls the Darkness. The Darkness leads her to experience hallucinogenic dreams and indulge in bouts of self-harm. Now if living with Aunt Martha is bad enough, the impending biological threat from the Soviet Union has everyone on edge. Unable to leave and food being rationed things are getting rough. They collect cockroaches to cook while they attempt to ride out the quarantine. To make things worse, Aunt Martha who is used to leading is getting to be an issue. She has completely taken charge and changed the locks on the other apartments. They are locked in a can't get out. She punishes the children for disobeying. She puts fear in everyone saying that it the toxic are gets in there doomed and will die. They cant leave or take the boards off the heavily boarded building. Her husband decides to venture out to try and find food. The landlord Horen (Anthony Marciona)who has lost all control of the apartment is also losing it. Which makes Joanna condition under closed quarters even worse. Joanna takes charge eventually claiming she has proof that this apocalypse there living never happened. This explanation goes well with the kids and they accept Joanna as there savior. She has bouts with her condition and really makes it tough on her to lead. Her mind is playing tricks on her And she is nuts. Martha has her own tactics which start to get ugly and violent. Movies like this that have claustrophobic elements are great if well played out. A great Cast and crew really pull this off. The tight quarters of the scenario is so well played out you feel there fear. The characters are scared and forced to listen to the leader in Martha with no other choice. The fear of what's out there turns out to be as bad as what's inside the building. Such a simple set up is so well done here. You feel what the characters are feeling and feel the walls closing in on you as they experience it. Joanna is so well cast and really pulls off this very difficult role. Every character her plays off each other and does a wonderful job in entertaining the audience. The Director Nicole Groton pays attention to detail and makes you feel like your back in the 50's during the Cold War. Lightning and set design here is so perfect. This is sought of Twilight Zone on steroids. People are thrown in a situation and totally crack. Society is so easily breakable when thrown in a catastrophic condition as displayed so perfectly in this movie. This movie is available now and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by lrees-03135 10 / 10

Timely Quarantine Thriller

If you're not afraid of a thriller that might hit a little too close to home, you should definitely check this one out!

Reviewed by flickeringstate 9 / 10

A comment of life in quarantine...

Darkness in Tenement 45 is set in the early 1950s cold war era. It is a little slow but well worth staying for because it's a good story put together really well. There is fear and tension brought on by the situation of trying to survive quarantine and each other.

It kept me engaged all the way through, I would recommend this movie. 9/10

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