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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Amiri17 8 / 10

One of greatest new female characters in modern cinema

Highly enjoyable and fast paced horror. I think this is a lot better than Host and I am very excited to see what Savage does next. I think the highlight of the film is the lead character, An extremely likeable anti lockdown live streaming ball of energy that also raps. Extremely brave of the filmmakers to choose someone with her views as their hero, and I suspect one of the reasons for some of the sniffy reviews. The main problem films are having these days is the desire to push more female leads, but the lack of interest or desire to create any good ones.

Reviewed by davidkhardman 8 / 10

A wild ride

This was one of the most all-out fun films I've seen in a while. It pulls off the neat trick of being both scary and hilarious. The central character, Annie, is an obnoxious - yet somehow loveable - vlogger and the film is shown from the perspective of her livestreaming camera, together with the comments of her audience. An anti-masker conspiracy theorist, she escapes the 'oppression' of Los Angeles during the pandemic and travels to London to stay with an old friend, 'Stretch', and his girlfriend. Within hours, she steals his car during an argument, gives a lift to a frail little old black woman, and from thereon in all hell breaks loose. This little old woman turns out to be not at all what she seems. That's as much as I want to say. There is a coherent story underlying events, but the story barely really matters; this film is essentially a thrill ride and it's best to just sit back and enjoy it.

Reviewed by scivilized 1 / 10

Should've been a YouTube video instead

Lacks story, lacks point. Self-indulgent cringe. You would wish the main character Annie to die the whole time so that the movie ends.

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