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Reviewed by toddsgraham 7 / 10

Pleasantly surprised with this one...

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I sometimes do not know what to expect with UPtv originals. This time, they got it right, as it was a cute, fun and entertaining Christmas movie. The plot, of course, was predictable and has been done plenty of times before. That said, the script was strong. The dialogue between the leads worked well; it pulled me in. The acting was very good. Paniz Zade (playing Emily) had a convincing performance. Adrian Spencer (playing Simon) was also very good. They had good chemistry too, each with their distinct and different personalities, which was another appealing element of the movie. Their interaction and dialogue were engaging, and I even had a few small laughs with Diana Cofini's performance as Grace. There was some fun dialogue with her sister. The scenery and sets were not as polished as, e.g. Hallmark films, but it did not take anything away from the story and performances. Overall, this is a nice little edition to UPtv's original Christmas movie lineup/collection. Well worth a watch.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Not a must dash, while also not being a must avoid

Christmas films can go either way, which has been my experience watching overtime the festive output of Lifetime, Hallmark and UPTV. They can either be well-meaning, charming, warm-hearted and don't feel too heavy. Or they can be too over-sentimental, cheesy, contrived and bland. There have been many films of theirs that have fallen in both camps and in the camp where there is a bit of both. 'Dashing Home for Christmas' had the sort of premise that had strong potential of being in the former category.

In terms of execution, 'Dashing Home for Christmas' was luckily in the former category. There are some Christmas films seen recently that started off badly and got much better, some that was good all the way through and some that never took off. 'Dashing Home for Christmas' is in the category of being very solidly executed for most of the length but peters out in the final portions. If asked whether it is recommended, my answer would be yes with it being one of the better and more surprising Christmas films seen recently.

'Dashing Home for Christmas' has more good than bad. The production values still manage to be pleasing on the whole. It's not too drab or garish in photography and the scenery has a real charm to it. Some of the music has some pleasant nostalgic moments. The performances are good, Paniz Zade and Adrian Spencer are wholly committed and engaging. While Spencer's character is not easy to like at first, the more developed he becomes the more one warms to him.

Loved the chemistry between the two, which was warm and genuine with some wit and it unfolds realistically. Not moving too fast or taking too long to develop and then rushing it through after a plot development. Diana Cofini amuses in her role without overplaying. The character interaction is never disconnected. The script flows at least and is not too cheesy or too saccharine. The story is light hearted and full of warmth and charm. The characters had personality and they were ones that appealed, the two lead characters being fresh takes on cliches. Only had reservations with Spencer's to begin with.

However, the final quarter is a little on the contrived side. Did think too that the conflict could have had more tension and could have been developed more, that for my tastes was rather abruptly introduced and felt under-baked.

There are times where the editing was a bit hasty looking.

On the whole though, quite well done. 7/10.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 10 / 10

Happy ending? I hope so!

I loved the romance and humor in this. First of all the two leads were in each others company almost non-stop throughout the movie which led to lots of interaction and realistic relationship building. I loved their chemistry. They had two very distinct and quirky personalities which at the same time were polar opposites from each other. So the journey from indifference to friendship and then love was interesting and full of twists and turns.

I have to say the male lead was certainly not the typical leading man type. Dorky, with glasses, but handsome underneath it all. He over shared with all and sundry and was pretty irritating to his co-star and the viewer as well. But as we and she come to see, it is because of his warm, kind and generous heart. I generally prefer the non-traditional underdog type hero to the too handsome to be real types anyway. If this is not your jam, you probably will not like this.

The "girl", on the other hand was not interested in anything but her own business, and would not get off her phone. She was snotty and entitled, but yet she loved her family and wanted nothing else but to get home to them before her sister had her baby. She was an exotic beauty, as opposed to the hero's looks.

So it was an interesting matchup and romance. Very much out of the typical box. My only doubt is if they can sustain the relationship past the "honeymoon period," they were so different. So in the interest of happy endings, it's probably a good thing it ended when it did.

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