Day of the Warrior


Action / Adventure / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.7 10 914

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Julie Strain as Willow Black
José Zúñiga as Mexican Cop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hillbillyfromhell 10 / 10

the companion piece to Return To Savage Beach

prequel almost,....if you like RTSB, you should see this. Although the order doesn't matter as it's not like the story lines are too awful important. Basically, it's just an excuse to see Shae Marks and Julie K. Smith dress in tight tops and look hot as they and their secret agents buddies(again with Julie Strain, although in this one she doesn a lot more than RTSB) fight against a wrestler whose a good guy in RTSB. Confused? Don't be. None of this matters. Again, the main male lead, the Brazillian guy is such a bad actor that it's great. So bad, gag, hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Seriously awful dialog and delivery.

But it's got the goods.

Best part is the fake porn shoot where nobody gets naked and then the parking lot shoot-out where the shooters hide behind cars about 20 feet away and nothing seems to get hit.

Oh yeah!

Reviewed by schrockn 4 / 10

Poor, but funny

Easily a terrible movie, but also extremely funny. This has become a classic among me and my friends because it is so bad. There are moments when you can't help bursting out with awkward dialogue and gratuitous clothes changing. Elvis Fu is a virtual bevy of ethnic jokes.

The dialogue is so bad it's entertaining. I quote:

"Back in Kansas, it's so flat, when your dog runs away you can see him for THREE DAYS." "Wow, that's flat." End of scene. Just one of many awful exchanges. I recommend it.

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10

Sidaris goes full-camp (unfortunately)

After a break of two movies, Andy Sidaris takes back the directorial reigns from his son Christian, but by this point his "Bullets, Bombs and Babes" series has devolved into complete camp (the climax is a private pro-wrestling match: Julie Strain and Gerald Okamura vs. Marcus "Buff" Bagwell). Undeniably there are some funny lines and situations in this film (the Asian Elvis impersonator, the owl that gets blasted with a shotgun, etc.), but some of the action scenes are embarrassingly bad, and the padding to stretch the movie to 90 minutes is all-too-obvious (Sidaris spends about half the running time showing us how the characters travel from point A to point B). The new member of the female cast, Shae Marks, has a gorgeous face, a beautiful smile, and breasts so enormous they are more distracting than erotic. The only woman who shows some action potential is Raye Hollitt - but Sidaris drops the ball again when he sets up a catfight between her and Julie K. Smith and then has her defeated with a single punch! What a shame. If you take this film as a comedy it may get ** out of 4, but if you're looking for action subtract one star.

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