Day Zero


Documentary / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwin-wks 6 / 10

Speak for yourself

The narrator says, "the farms that use less water cannot satisfy the world's craving for beef and the farms that produce most of the world's beef are killing off the supply of fresh water for everyone". That implies the rest of the world consumes meat at the rate that America does and we don't.

On my first and only visit to America, I ordered pork chops at a Californian cafe in San Francisco. I made the mistake of ordering a full portion because I was jet lagged and hadn't eaten much that day. It turned out that the full portion was not one but two huge pork chops. Anywhere else in the world a full portion would simply be one entire pork chop, not two.

While it is happening across the world, America is still the world leader in consumerism. Americans generally pay less for the same product compared to the rest of the world even though the raw materials come from elsewhere and manufacture takes place in other countries. When it comes to raping its own environment and that of the rest of the world, no other country does it better than the good ole USA.

Reviewed by gbkimberley 10 / 10

Everyone Needs To See This NOW!

I find it appalling that it appears, at this time, that so few people have watched this yet.

As no one is going to do anything about it before it's too late. And it may already be too late. What are we going to tell our grandchildren when the water is all gone? This is frightening viewing and everyone needs to watch this. EVERYONE!

Reviewed by beyond-infinite05 8 / 10

What will you do if you knew what I know?

A harrowing look at the impeding doom. The documentary itself of course covers the topic that should be one of the foremost agenda for world govts across the globe. And it does good job at conveying the message too. Wish more people wake up to where we are heading instead of living without any sort of farsightedness.

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