¿De qué se ríen las mujeres?

1997 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 6 / 10

The three sisters, not by Chekov!

When Carlos, Luci's husband die in a terrible street hit and run accident, little did his wife know who he really was and what a womanizer he turned out to be. Luci, who can't make the spirit of her late husband leave her alone, decides to join her other two siblings in a cabaret act in Benidorm, a summer resort.

Each of the three ladies is going through a difficult problem. Aside from Luci, Graci, who is an actress, has no luck in landing a role in "The Seagull". Mari, who is being pursued by Claudio, realizes her life with him would be horrible. In spite of all their problems, the three sisters get to have a great time in the wonderful Costa del Sol's summer.

This mildly funny comedy, directed by Joaquin Oristrell, has some good moments. Veronica Forque, Candela Pena, and Adriana Ozores, are seen as the three sisters. A bland Jorge Sanz plays the man in Candela Pena's life without displaying any emotions. Jordi Bosch plays Carlos, the dead man that has decided to come back to haunt Luci. Angel Andres Lopez has some funny moments as Claudio who is having an affair with Mari.

The movie shows Benidorm in all its splendor.

Reviewed by echanove 7 / 10

Spanish women current soul

The debut in the direction of Joaquín Oristrell was this film that at the time of its premiere was so praised by the usual ass-kissers of always as reviled in low voice by many people in the little Spanish movie world in word of mouth, which is not so strange if It is taken into account that through the production company of that name (Boca a Boca) Oristrell has been an essential figure in Spanish cinema at the turn of the century, not only because of his activity as a screenwriter, but also because of his power within the industry.

That said, after seeing this film, more than 20 years after its premiere, one comes to the conclusion that it was unfairly treated, because it is a summer comedy that is as fresh irreverent, wild, provocative and desperate. And as funny as it is intelligent despite its astracane surface and its somewhat disconnected appearance. And in which a lot of tender moments are not lacking, along with an inquiry into the female soul, love, sex, the couple, loneliness, family and, ultimately, life. It is not just a comedy to laugh at, it also allows you to think at times. Or feel. And all, in a light way and in a comedy tone, which is how certain things come best.

The work of the main trio formed by Forqué, Ozores and Peña shines at a great height, not to mention people like Angel de Andrés López (the sequence of breakfast with the three sisters is, for me, anthological) or Juanjo Menéndez, in a role very different from those he had always played in the cinema until then.

And it goes without saying that when this film is compared with the comedies that in the past, as in those of the "Landismo", they tried to approach these themes (sex, the couple, the woman) from a light tone, the differences, to the margin of artistic results, they are a happy confirmation of how much that had already changed at the end of the 20th century, and for the better, Spanish society compared to the preceding decades.

Because also, although it sounds pretentious to say it, the film has a lot to do with the Spanish soul. And it constitutes an excellent sociological testimony of those already distant "happy years" in which it was filmed.

Reviewed by vilj-1 9 / 10

A very pleasant romantic comedy.

This will be more of a commentary than a review of the film. Since the movie was released in 1997 and as of today (February 2009) it had only 80 rates on the IMDb ratings, I don't think it will be read by many, therefore, I will be brief. The film, to me, was a very pleasant romantic comedy that kept me entertained for the almost two hours of duration. I liked everyone in the excellent cast, and the female actors were all very attractive. I have seen many, Hollywood-romantic-comedies that couldn't compare with this one, but many give them a higher rating because they are Hollywood-made. I watched this film in its original language (Spanish). Perhaps it loses some of its charms with subtitles. I enjoyed the film tremendously and I guarantee you that if you rent it, you'll enjoy it and have a few laughs. It was funny, great actors and a super soundtrack. I am glad I saw it.

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