Dead Again

2017 [KOREAN]

Mystery / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.0 10 97


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Plot summary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by neeraj-41471 10 / 10

Very good horror thriller movie full of entertainment

Very good horror thriller movie full of entertainment. It shows how excess can be dangerous even if its love. The suspense is maintained till the end and the end in never guessable. A horror movie with a very good story line. One of the best movie ever seen. Very Well directed and written.Award winning in Calcutta international film festival.A must see movie

Reviewed by loveandthunderstorms 4 / 10

Small budget, low quality "Korean" film

Having been on a Korean film bender lately, I started watching this film not realizing it was written and directed by an American. Not that it matters where the director is from but I've been partial to Korean films lately due to the quality storytelling and skillful blending of genres, which provides a more fulfilling experience in my opinion. Something I find to be lacking in big studio films in the U.S. lately. I wasn't expecting Dead Again to be a masterpiece but thought it would at least be entertaining and affecting in some way. Unfortunately, it appears that the director has brought his American mediocrity with him to South Korea and has not done the Korean movie industry any favors.

The film's premise has potential but was poorly executed. The writer and director, Dave Silberman, had only done a few short films in the U.S. before heading to Korea to direct this flop for reasons unknown. The budget for this had to have been very small and it shows. I would've been less discerning if the film had other qualities that would overcome a limited budget, but such is not the case here. The special effects were poor and ineffective. There were a few instances when practical effects might have been easier and more believable. Scenes that were intended to build tension and dread were simply a bore. And the graphic scenes leading up to the climax toward the end were decidedly anticlimactic and really not that graphic or shocking in the least. It also didn't help that the main character was a Korean American adoptee when it was clear that the actor portraying him was not. My uneducated guess would be that the director used this as a way to cover up his lack of knowledge as it pertains to Korean culture surrounding death, burial and the influence of Confuciunism on death, funerals and mourning.

In short, this film is nothing more than a late night B-movie you used to find on obscure cable channels at 2am in the U.S. masquerading as a Korean horror film. Except those films were at least so bad they're entertaining. This movie doesn't even have that going for it. There's no tension, no mystery, weak scares, mediocre attempts at being surreal that screams "I wish I were David Lynch", poorly written dialog, poor direction and lackluster cinematography. If I were to praise anything, it would be the cast of Korean actors. Most of them seem to have some skill and probably could have given a good performance had they been given good material to work with. Unless this movie is free or included for free with a membership on a streaming app, don't waste your money on this movie. In fact, my advice would be to not waste your time. A total bore with no redeeming qualities.

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