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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by metalrage666 1 / 10

Derivative garbage!

Maybe I'm only one of a select few who's watched this nonsense all the way through, but all I've managed to accomplish is to waste my time.

Movie starts with 3 low-lifes forcing a husband and wife to have sex while their teenage daughter is forced to watch. Apparently this is some kind of sick test for married couples to show their "true love" for each other. When the couple fail to satisfy the head thug, they are slaughtered and the daughter has her neck broken. I can see why people are switching off.

On their second home invasion attempt, they unwittingly choose the house of a doctor involved in human experimentation. The doctor is turning people into zombies at the behest of a clandestine government agency. When the 3 psychos start terrorising this new family, the zombies lurking downstairs in a sealed off part of the house start making noise which makes the invaders suspicious so of course one decides to investigate and thankfully he's killed for his trouble. Needless to say, the other zombies manage to escape their confines and venture out into the house and then outside randomly killing everyone they come across.

At this point you think that this will end up as stock standard fare of people endlessly running for their lives, but when the doctors wife and the youngest of the 3 invading sadists end up almost exhausted from running and fighting, they decide to rest at a rocky shore along a river bank. Despite being wounded, for some reason this loser decides to then rape the debilitated wife who's too out of it to successfully fight him off and after he's done, he smashes her face in with a rock. So she manages to survive a forest full of bloodthirsty undead only to be murdered by a useless waste of life for no apparent reason. After he's done he stumbles off and from memory we don't see him after that.

The film ends by showing a government SWAT team that's turned up at the doctors house where the youngest son is the only one to have survived. However as he hasn't been bitten and is not infected, they no longer need him so he's taken back to the house and executed. It's all these random, meaningless acts of unrestricted violence against people that can't defend themselves that stop a movie like this from being seen as entertainment.

An epilogue in a style reminiscent of the updated Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later movies by way of news reports and real life flash footage we see the zombies rapidly infecting all they come across and the country being overrun with armed forces fighting a losing battle with their increasing numbers causing widespread panic.

Beautiful People has stolen heavily from almost every other horror and zombie movie made in the last 30 years. As you watch this you can mentally tick off movie after movie that this garbage borrows heavily from. The Undead look like like left-overs from Resident Evil or Hellraiser. The acting is so poor it's laughable and from what I've read it was done this way so they could focus more of their attention on "story" and "effects". God knows how you can focus on a story that's plagiarised from every other movie, that's why they call it plagiarism; it requires none of your own talent when you copy another's work. There's a difference between influence and outright theft. This whole thing looks like a hamfisted mish- mash of unfinished scripts that have been salvaged out of the recycling bin, and that's where this should've stayed. This is a terrible movie and simply not worth watching.

Reviewed by hawkknight88-1 2 / 10

Practical effects the only redeeming quality

Just awful. There is so little story, besides kinda sorta the bad guys think they're "giving it to the man" by raping and murdering (rich?) families.

The story becomes completely incoherent about 2/3 of the way through when the zombies get out. Inexplicably the father injects himself and becomes a weird zombie because... He's a coward?

The good brother decides to randomly become evil and rape/murder the mom he was escaping with.

The mom forgets she wants to save her kids between scenes then remembers later.

How did the neighbor's turn to zombies so quickly? How did it become daylight when it should have, maybe, been midnight?

Just a lot of "shock" value with no substance for explanation.

Reviewed by lurre-83681 1 / 10

Someone has intense Mommy Issues...

This should be called "Incel Horror" because this is definitely born of the "Involuntarily Celibate" faction. Zero story, awful acting, they try to rely on rape for shock value and it's just bad. I didn't even make it to the end, not because it was "too disturbing" but because it's just crap... I would love to find the director and demand my money back as well as the hour or so of my life I wasted on this garbage.

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