Dead Man's Line



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eliotwadd 9 / 10

Everything you want in a crime doc.

This movie should be in the dictionary under the definition of 'in medias res'. There's very little set-up before you are thrown into what is absolutely the most bonkers story I've heard in all my years of listening to true crime--and, incredibly, most of it was caught on film, in decent quality even! Berry and his team did an excellent job putting together film and audio directly from the event, spliced with interviews with people who were there as the whole impossible story rolled out. Very slickly produced, well-shot, good pacing, and despite the fact that this is literally a film about a man with a sawed-off shotgun wired to the back of another man's head, this documentary does NOT veer into the sensationalist or over-hyped territory that would have put it firmly into a lower class of film. My only critique is that I would have loved to hear more analysis in the film of how this incredible case changed legal precedent around the 'insanity' defence.

To get your full ten-star experience, I recommend hitting up the film's website after -- there's all kinds of bonus content there that really helps contextualize the event, as well as answers some questions I still had at the end. There's even a trivia section. Truly, a documentary after this true crime nerd's heart.

Reviewed by The_Boxing_Cat 10 / 10

You want to watch this one...

Kudos to the filmmakers! Absolutely astonishing documentary that will hold you to the screen in the same sense Tony held Dick.

This should be seen by all journalists and law students and for those who like the seat of your pants thrills of real crime. This is the stuff that documentary filmmaking should be.

Just watch it! You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by vladmandingo 9 / 10

Worth the Extra Time

A well-made film by what would appear to be a first-time feature length documentarian. It could probably stand to lose 5-10 minutes of fat, particularly in the final 20 or so, but ultimately compelling. It isn't for everyone, as it does expect some patience with its stylistic choices. Give it time, though, and I feel you will walk away satisfied.

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