Dead Man's Shoes


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 48150


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Toby Kebbell as Anthony
Paddy Considine as Richard
Gary Stretch as Sonny
Jo Hartley as Marie
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Reviewed by rainbeau1962 9 / 10

Shockingly good...

Oh my word. Firstly I am stunned I have never heard or seen a clip of this before. I stumbled on a short scene of this on you tube and was intrigued from watching this morsel. I felt compelled to watch this straight away and was not disappointed. This is a low budget British film that falls into several categories, Revenge, darkly comic, Thriller cum horror. It is also a tale of loss and being lost and borders on the supernatural and mental illness. I was actually scared watching this and shocked to be honest. There is no finesse or pomp in its acting and the characters are mainly unpleasant .Paddy Consadines portrayal as Richard is up there with Ben Kingsleys Don Logan and Joe Pesci's Tommy DeVito and is thoroughly menacing. I highly recommend this.

Reviewed by shawbags 9 / 10


On paper I can see the argument that there is little morally redemptive quality to a film like Dead Man's Shoes, no diamond polished by the end credits to reward an audience going through the trauma. But to actually sit through the film, and most importantly, to be subjected to another of Paddy Consadines' electric performances, is an extra-ordinarily vital, if viceral experience.

In 'A Room for Romeo Brass' Considines character shifted from comical to threatening in a truly unsettling way, although in the end his promise 'to go dark on you' is easily thwarted by the decisive action and confidence of a father-figure. In this film, again, there is some uncertainty on the audience's part as to how far the character will go, as until the end, we are uncertain of exactly what he is revenging.

Rest-assured, Considine delivers an absolutely convincing depiction of a man struggling to balance his desire for revenge and redemption, he invokes sympathy and fear from the audience in a performance to rival DeNiro in 'Taxi Driver'.

I judge a film on the value of the experience it gives you, and 'Dead Man's Shoes is more than worthy of your time.

Reviewed by rdoyle29 8 / 10

A bleak minor masterpiece

Paddy Considine (who also co-wrote) stars as a former soldier out to get revenge on a group of petty thugs who victimized his mentally disabled brother. What starts out as a fairly light-hearted revenge film as Considine playfully taunts the thugs turns increasingly bleak as his violence escalates and the hopelessness of their situation becomes clear. Some fairly clever twists in the last act cast everything you've seen in a new light. Given the low budget and the working class surroundings, it ends up feeling like "Get Carter" directed by Ken Loach.

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