Dead Men Don't Count!

1968 [ITALIAN]


IMDb Rating 6.2 10 162

Keywords:   spaghetti western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Violent Chorizo/Spaghetti with magnificent and stellar duo as Steffen and Damon

This is an Anthony Steffen and Mark Damon vehicle playing their usual characters as gunslingers and bounty hunters . After gunning down at a Gothic church some desperado who tried to kill them, they set out to return to get their aims . The mysterious gunfighters without a name ride and arrive in the little town to stay for execute their mission , chasing wanted men . It deals about two gunfighters , Fred (Anthony Steffen) and Johnny (Mark Damon) arriving in a little town that has the ordinary shops and buildings , as General merchandise , Livery stable, Hardware , Barber shop , Saloon , Blacksmith , Hotel .. Once in town they find themselves taking on a corrupt Sheriff named Bob Watson (Piero Lulli) who is working for the local "Rich Man" named Steve Rogers (Luis Induni) married to a widow (Mary Martin who results to be Mark Harmon's mother). Rogers is buying lands to countrymen and attempting to control all the territory because the railroad is coming through . The powerful man hires the killers Farrell Brothers (Raf Baldassarre) to face off the protagonist duo . Can the mysterious gunfighters stop the outlaw brothers ? The drifters will take on a couple of brothers and their hoodlums (Jose Marco) . Meanwhile , Fred is appointed as a new Sheriff and Johnny falls in love with Elizabeth (Dianik Zurawoska) .

Well crafted Western with interesting screenplay , acceptable cinematography and slick production design by the habitual Raúl Pérez Cúbero Cubero and José Luis Galicia . Although atmospheric , it is also downbeat and sometimes just downright nasty as when a family is executed and hung. The story is almost rapid and violent as the drifters come to strange frontier town just in time for reckoning bandits . This exciting western contains a story full of violence , good dramatic pace and passable filmmaking . Enjoyable Chorizo-Spaghetti Western mostly produced by Spain and Italian secondary participation ; it follows the Sergio Leone wake , including close-up , zooms , choreographic duels and no being proceeded in American style . The film packs action , shootouts , drama , high body-count and it is fast moving and quite entertaining . It is a thrilling western with spectacular outdoors filmed in Almeria , as usual , dealing with a breathtaking confrontation among protagonists , Anthony Steffen and Mark Damon versus heartless Piero Lulli ; and both of them against Luis Induni and his underlings . Acceptable action sequences with rousing crossfire and spectacularly bloody shootouts . Charismatic performance for the whole casting . The notorious Spaghetti actor , Anthony Steffen is good in his usual tough role and agreeable performance by Mark Damon in a likable role ; furthermore the slimy , menacing outlaw played by Ralf Baldassarre, here in his customary role as a bandit and in a cruelly baddie character . There appears as habitual secondaries in Spanish/Italian Western such as Luis Induni , Luis Barboo , Barta Barry, Miguel Del Castillo , Jesus Guzman who still continues playing , and of course , Carlos Romero Marchent , Joaquin and Rafael Marchent's brother who used to work in their films . The musician Riz Ortalani composes a nice soundtrack , well conducted , this turns out to be one of the most memorable parts of the movie , as it's plenty of enjoyable sounds and haunting musical background and with agreeable leitmotif. The picture is well starred by Anthony Steffen-Antonio De Teffe- , he began playing secondary roles into typical examples of popular Italian films of the late 50s as sword and sandal epics, comedies, adventures and was with spaghetti westerns that renamed achieved worldwide stardom. His acting is often accused of being wooden, but in many manners is ideally suited to playing the steely-faced gunslinger synonymous with the genre . His others successes include well liked features as Seven Dollars to Kill, The last Mohican¨, ¨Train for Durango¨, ¨Gentleman Jo¨ , ¨Four dollars for Django¨, ¨Shango¨, ¨Arizona colt¨, ¨Apocalypse Joe¨ and several others. He was still enjoyable in other genres, specially Giallos as the successful The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave¨, ¨Death in Haiti¨ or The ¨Crimes of the Black Cat¨, a good example of Giallo where he played a blind pianist - one of his roles he most liked- , and ¨Killer Fish¨ .

The motion picture was professionally directed and in personal style by Rafael Romero Marchent at his best . Rafael is an expert writer and director of Spaghetti Western as he proved in ¨Two crosses on Danger Pass¨, ¨Cry for revenge¨ and ¨Two guns for two twins¨ . While his brother Joaquin Marchent is deemed to be the Paella Western's best director , his first film was ¨El Coyote¨ and the sequel titled ¨Revenge of Coyote¨ shot in Mexico ; after that , he filmed ¨The shadow of Zorro¨ and ¨Revenge of Zorro¨, he went go directing Westerns as ¨ Riding to death ¨ , ¨Adventures in the West¨ , ¨Three good men¨, ¨Sabor Venganza ¨ and the most popular and violent ¨Condenados a Vivir¨ . Plus , he wrote for his brother Rafael Romero Marchent the followings Westerns : ¨Manos Torpes¨, ¨Ocaso Un Pistolero¨ and ¨Garringo¨ . Rating : Passable and acceptable , though contains some flaws and gaps and excessive zooms . Worthwhile watching for the Spaghetti Western aficionados .

Reviewed by rockerace 10 / 10

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent Spaghetti! In my Top Ten!

Warning: One or two slight spoilers ahead! I recently began collecting any and all spaghetti westerns that I have been able to get my hands on. I had no information on this title, other than knowing Anthony Steffen stars. Now I have seen numerous Steffen Westerns and have not been particularly impressed with his movies nor his acting. But this movie changed my opinion of him DRAMATICALLY! The story centers on 2 Bounty Hunters (Steffen and Mark Damon)that ride into the town of "Blackstone" after killing an entire gang of wanted men. Once in town they find themselves in the middle of rash of murders and a corrupt Sheriff who is working for the local "Rich Man" who, in turn, is trying to control all the land because the railroad is coming through.

A few plot twists to keep you guessing, and some great acting all the way around provide for an entertaining Spaghetti! This is not your typical "revenge" theme Spaghetti Western.

The chemistry between Steffen and Damon is perfect. I can say with almost certainty that the U.S. television series "Alias Smith and Jones" drew heavily from this film! I HIGHLY recommend this film to not only fans of Spaghetti Westerns, but Western fans in general. The plot is cohesive and interesting, the scenes well edited, the cinematography excellent and the gun-play is perfect. No over-acting here except maybe the maniacal laughing at the end by Steffen...although it's not over the top.


Reviewed by b_kite 6 / 10

The duo of Anthony Steffen and Mark Damon make this fair b spaghetti western worth the watch.

Anthony Steffen and Mark Damon play two bounty hunters who venture into a town to collect a large unearned bounty, but are instead caught up in a local land war caused by a crooked sheriff and his gang of bandits over the impending arrival of the railroad. Pretty typical spaghetti b western fair, Its not very memorable but also doesn't take itself very seriously despite being quite brutal at times. However its made enjoyable by its quick pace, the presence of genre veterans Steffen and Damon, and some nice direction from Rafael Romero Marchent. Steffen will always be one of my favorites when it comes to the genre.

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