Dead Pigs

2018 [CHINESE]

Comedy / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 324

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reidandgenene 8 / 10

Local Hero

In 'Dead Pigs', we see a world where everyone is a liar and everything is faked and hyped. Everything that is real is dying off or being torn down, or at the least is undervalued. It's obviously a metaphor for modern Chinese society -- no, make that modern society in general. But the characters are vivid enough to ignore symbolism and enjoy the film at face value.

The only holdout is Candy Wang (played by Vivian Wu from 'The Joy Luck Club'), a cranky, shrill middle aged eccentric who is refusing to sell the family house to make way for a major new development.

We also follow a number of other characters, including the American architect for the development, who is portrayed in a surprisingly sympathetic light (even though he is as much of a fake as everyone else).

The only false note is a short stretch of sing-a-long karaoke. Maybe that is more meaningful to the Chinese audience. But overall, this is a good movie, well worth watching.

Reviewed by mephisto_chang 10 / 10

A multi-generational Chinese family struggles between tradition and modernity

Chinese-American director Cathy Yan's delightful, spiky, comic debut about overlapping lives and interlocking misfortunes in modern China.

In the Chinese zodiac, the happy-go-lucky pig stands for good fortune and wealth. So an inexplicable epidemic that decimates the porcine population in a developing part of China still heavily reliant on pig farming, could be symbolically as well as literally disastrous, and it provides Cathy Yan's sprawling, bouncing, jaunty debut with its darkest images.

When a flotilla of porcine carcasses bobbed through China's waterways in 2013, it demonstrated the country's modern dilemma: the difficulties of balancing traditional, rural ways with its ceaseless push towards the future. Taking inspiration from the headline-grabbing real-life events for her first feature, writer/director Cathy Yan ponders that juxtaposition through a quintet of Shanghai residents with interconnected lives. While the titular animals might not fly in the Sundance-bowing Dead Pigs, they certainly do drift through the lives of its searching, yearning characters.

Yan's DEAD PIGS is a portrait of humanity in a country that has adopted an attitude of modernizing at all costs. Full of dark images, but paired with a jaunty, delightful humor, DEAD PIGS veritably bounces in contrast to the social realism that has come to characterize popular arthouse in China today.

Reviewed by jackson_ro 6 / 10

Dead Pigs

As a local Shanghainese, this film perhaps means a little more to me than others. Dead Pigs is more about the city than any characters, it is a biopsy on one of the fastest growing and changing cities in the World, and what it opens is a group of really interesting characters who represent each sectors of Shanghai society relatively well while also painting a picture of how the city affects these people both mentally and physically. Cathy Yan does a great job at constructing these societal issues into her film, but unfortunately while the formula is right, the ingredients feels forced. The biggest issue of all is the casting of Mason Lee who is very obviously an ABC and simply does not fit in the film. The film might work better for a Western oriented audience as it does feel disconnected from local culture (even though it does address societal issues very well, but feels very much through Western lenses), but at the same time Western audience would certainly have trouble understanding the nuisances which places the film in an awkward conundrum. Nevertheless, the film explores unique issues and documents a very unique period of city development of my hometown.

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