Dead Reckoning


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4 10 195

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Scott Adkins as Marco
India Eisley as Tillie
James Remar as Agent Cantrell
Gary Galone as Police Officer #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by studioginger 2 / 10

Definitely hilarious

If you take this movie from the right angle, it is almost as funny as the "Naked gun" of Leslie Nielsen. It's done so badly that it does make it hilarious and demential. I gave it an extra star just for the bloopers, that trust me.. Are all over the place

Reviewed by pancora 7 / 10

Relax and enjoy the flick

When I stated watching this movie, I was not thinking about the brothers behind the Boston Marathon bombings. I took it as a revenge story, plain and simple, and settled in for an evening's entertainment. I think had the older brother not had an extreme eastern European accent, the terrorism theme would not have been so front and center. I was more focused on the younger Americanized brother Nico torn between his newfound strong connection and romance with an island girl and the family ties to his brother. Shot on beautiful Nantucket with, for the most part, a strong, appealing cast, I watched it with several of my kids' college-age friends and they enjoyed it. The director definitely overdid it with numerous too long, overly violent fight scenes right from the start and throughout -- the movie could have done with less of that.

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant 1 / 10

Worse than terrible

This movie is exactly like a grade 5 student's A/V essay, and the student get's an F. It's so awful that you feel badly for the actors, actors who will not be adding this catastrophe to their resumes.

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