Dead Weekend


Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amos-27 10 / 10

Manos has it about right

Yeah, well... where to begin. All apologies for those viewers who wasted precious moments of their otherwise entertaining lives to view my miscreation. Like all movies, it started with an idea, (to create an Ed Wood like-masterpiece) and then of course... spiraled downwards. My writing partner at the time, Joel Rose (a marvelous novelist) cranked out the screenplay in three weeks of uninterrupted laughter (fueled by a recently arrived kilo of Nepalese hash, flaky & pungent). Lo & behold, our erstwhile agent (Gaby) at the William Morris Agency soon had hooked a producer for this confection. Mind you, we were not wholly unaware of these guys' reputations as liars and thieves but... having my head on backwards, due to a certain addiction to a young Polish actress, I decided to proceed none-the-less. Fearlessness is often a positive thing, but in this instance, it was cause for more suffering than I'd had. In retrospect, my favorite part of the experience (and folk, it WAS a nightmare) was the fun Stephen Baldwin and I had under what I hope is the worst conditions to make a picture. If you can let go of your expectations, and check out Mr. Depp in the brilliant "Ed Wood", who's various concoctions inspired this, you may see the fun of this "awful" movie. Peace.

Reviewed by "Manos!" 9 / 10

remember that this

The people responsible for this masterpiece knew EXACTLY what they were doing! I can almost picture it: "What? No budget? Oh, well, let's have fun anyway!" It's as if the director used this flick as an opportunity to compile a resume' of styles (hence the random Homicide: Life on the Street camerawork in one scene), and the actors were just there for a good time. It's great.

Set in the "not-too distant future", martial law has been declared in The City in leu of a looming earthquake. However, the earthquake is merely a ruse, a story fed to the public so the TWF (True World Forces) can capture an alien spotted over the city some few days earlier. A TWF agent runs into the alien (a *hottie* who can change her apperance, while always remaining - of course - a hottie), and the two go off and, um, compare their respective physiologies (yeah, that's it). Other things happen, too, but who pays attention to plot nowadays?

The effects are poor, but it's the *little* things that really made this film. The chalk outlines. The phone book. The beautiful rooftop view of The City. The officer's club/strip joint/medicenter. These minute details were handled (fondled, even) with the utmost care, thus making this film the cinematic treasure it is. Don't be confused: this flick is BAD. But that's okay. It's as if the director & stars agreed to make as entertaining a film as they could with the $5.63 budget they had. I loved every minute of it!

Reviewed by zaju 1 / 10

Avoid this non-sexy movie

The text on the video jacket lured me with false claims of a story of an alien who shapeshifts her female form at will. The film was a complete waste of its potential. The story: a crash-landed alien spends a weekend on earth while waiting to be rescued by her own species. She switches form several times, never at will, and once she doesn't even realize that she's changed. She never repeats her form (except once, briefly). She never impersonates anyone. Her shapeshifting isn't used to conceal her identity, and plays almost no role in the plot. Basically, several times in the movie the role of the alien switches to a different actress, who says, "Hi, I look different now but it's still me." You wonder if maybe the actresses couldn't make it for the entire filming so they had to time-share. Despite the low budget, there could have been a lot of promise with the film, such as having the alien use her shapeshifting as a disguise. Instead, we have a tag-team of women who come and go, confusing the viewer and leaving him wondering as the credits scroll up, "Has this movie started yet?"

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