Dead West


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 320

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Jerry Bell Jr. as Kronkite
Trin Miller as Radio Newscaster
Eden Campbell as Abused Daughter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wwilliams-675-740451 1 / 10

Don't Waste Your Time

I'm not sure what I expected when I played this movie, but about 15 minutes into it I was already wondering how much more I would have to endure. This film has no redeeming value whatsoever. The film was poorly scripted, the acting was awful, the directing was questionable, at best. I'm not sure how this film was funded. I watched all of the way through because I kept saying to myself, "it's going to get better" or that there is some "twist" that will just grab me. Sorry, nope. What you see in the first 15 minutes is what you get.

Reviewed by LuxuriousWoman 1 / 10

Waste of 2 hours

Dead West is about a guy who kills women he meets because they disappoint him. He ends up killing a woman, which causes her brother to chase after him.

The beginning starts with him meeting the first woman in a bar. She leaves her brother in order to initiate conversation. They head outside to sleep together, but she doesn't really care to know his name which annoys him so he kills her.

He ends up leaving and sleeps at a random motel and hears a couple arguing. He knocks on their door to interrupt them. Really? I hope he's aware that couples do argue. He threatens the guy and makes him promise not to yell at her or hit her. I would buy his nice guy act, if he didn't kill a lady. What a hypocrite.

He leaves the motel and goes to a diner where he meets a waitress and flirts with her. She invites him to her house and they sleep together. She tells him about her dream to leave her small town. He asks why doesn't she just leave. She says that she doesn't really have the money nor the time. He calls her out and says that she's making an excuse and waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet with an angry expression. Um? Why are you this angry at a random woman you don't know? Why do you care? She never asked anyone to save her, she's just complaining. She tells him to leave lights a cigarette. He complains that he doesn't like cigarettes and she blows the smoke in his face. He ends up killing her. That goes back to where he was a hypocrite in the motel. You're mad at a guy for arguing with his girlfriend, but you're out here killing women for no good reason?

He once again leaves and decides to chill at a random park. He sees a redheaded older woman selling cups of tea for church. He buys the tea and pays her extra for it. Wait, how does he have all this money? The only thing he's done this entire movie is drive around killing people. He then sees a guy arguing with a little girl and the guy slaps her. The mom comes over, and it's implied that he's the mom's boyfriend. The main guy kills the guy and drives off. A few weeks later, the brother goes to that park after he heard about a murder taking place. He gets out of his car and asks the older woman if she was there during the killing. She says yes, and describes the man.

At a gas station, main guy is not able to get gas because the cashier says he can't. I don't remember the reason. He is about to kill her, until she says she has a daughter right behind her. Well, at least he won't harm children...

Main guy meets another woman at a bar and decides to go to a drive in movie theater. They have a chat about her wanting to be an actress, which leads him to confront her about sleeping with random men hoping to land a guy that will sweep her off her feet. She says that she's not dumb enough to do that because she doesn't want to leave the state to go with a random guy who could be a potential psychopath. HAHAHAHA! They go in the back of the car to sleep together. He kills her because she tells him to slow down.

Main guy goes to a bar and orders a drink. The brother goes to the bar and confronts him. Main guy drives the brother to a secluded area where they talk, and the brother is clearly not going to kill him. Main guy kills him

The main guy is about to go to sleep at a motel until he hears a woman crying. For someone complaining about damsels, he sure is attracted to them... He goes to see what's wrong, and it's revealed that the guy she was with left and stole her money. He offers her a place in his bed while he sleeps on the floor, because he's a gentleman. HAHAHAHA! The next morning, he wants to see the guy in order to get her money back, and she agrees. They converse in the car, and he tells her that his parents died when he was a kid; he ended up living with his grandmother, and got a huge amount of money when she died. That explains the money... He goes to the house and kills the guy. They go to a fancy hotel, since she got the money, and she tells him that she was a hooker. He reveals that he cut his fathers tires, to cause a wreck, but he accidentally killed his mother because he didn't know she would be in the car. She understands that he did that to his father because of the abuse and that he didn't mean to kill his mom. He also says that he left his fiancé, who we know he killed, because she was unfaithful and mean.

Time passes and they get married. They go back to the hotel, and he kills her because he says that this isn't his destiny. The movie ends with him driving off and having that smug grin that makes you want to punch him in the face.

... That's really how it ends. No closure of him being locked up or killed for his actions. No reason why he killed the last girl, who was literally perfect for him. No reason of why the FBI isn't involved. Nothing. It just ends...

Reviewed by tdfilms4949 7 / 10

Compelling story, sharp dialogue, strong acting… enjoy the ride!

Dead West takes us deep into the mind of a disturbed, yet charismatic serial killer traveling the country on a murder spree. A revenge thriller turned into a love story, this film is packed with compelling characters brought to life by a cast of wonderful actors. Brain Sutherland, Meagan Karimi-Nasar, and Jeffrey Arrington lead the way with strong performances. Supporting actors Katie Michaels, Bethany Jacobs, Carollani Sandberg, and Lisa Coronado also light up the screen with focused, heart-breaking performances. My only negative is that the pace of this film is a little slow at times. Nonetheless, the story is very compelling and the actors handle the dialogue extremely well and drive the film home to a thrilling finish. The cinematography is fantastic, and director Jeff Ferrell does an incredible job bringing his words to life on the big screen. The film score is also terrific. Enjoy the ride!

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