Dead Within


Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
IMDb Rating 3.9 10 1041

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anushas-01098 3 / 10

A movie that left me annoyed and empty within

The Dead Within started out good. I was interested in the couple and what could have been going on out there to make them hide out the way they were.

Kim and Mike seemed happy at the dinner party. They have an unusual routine- Mike goes out, Kim stays in, they have dinner dates with what supplies Mike can find outside. The dinner dates and dresses were a little unusual and made me curious.

This intro to the characters held my interest and made me keep watching... but it just got worse from there.

Kim is a little stir crazy and her husband is having more difficulty finding resources. There are a few threatening sounds outside...

Kim talks to a "ranger" who claims to be rescue but we aren't sure if this is real or imagined. This ranger gets abusive as the movie progresses.

Kim descends into madness, especially in the third act and we see a lot of scary post traumatic stress dreams/hallucinations/images. I will give this movie credit for portraying post traumatic stress accurately. The actress also did a good job with what she was given script wise.

My problem is the path this movie took. It chose to focus on Kim's descent from stir crazy to psychotic breakdown.

What I was really hoping was the movie would focus on the Ranger.

The idea of a rescue not being a rescue isn't new in zombie movies, but the lonely Kim looking for company and finding dangerous company in the Ranger seems way more interesting and less discombobulating than a bunch of flashbacks and trauma scenes.

At one point Kim said with agency that she is doing an important job: she isn't doing nothing. She's keeping watch while her husband is away.

I really liked this hint of development for Kim. I wanted her to grow stronger and deal with the Ranger character in some way. I wanted to see her become smarter, braver, and more competent.

This direction has much more room for growth for Kim than what the writers chose.

When she killed her husband she was angry he cooped her up (understandable). She said something about her being competent and able and that she didn't need to be cooped up like how she was.

What Kim said about her competency might be true, but the movie didn't give her a chance to prove it. She's never seen what's out there and there is lot of evidence she's mentally unstable.

For her to say she IS competent struck me as a bit childish. I wanted more maturity and growth from her character. Based on what I saw in the movie, I'm not convinced Kim would be competent outside.

The ending was pure garbage. I didn't care when she opened the door and ran out. I knew at that point I would really dislike this movie.

I felt her black eyes at the end and her husband appearing again to kill her was a cheap trick. How would he pop out of nowhere like that? Come on! It's also a major stretch to say Kim is infected. I can't see how that would be possible without giving the plot major leeway.

I invested my time and energy in this movie based on the first third, but got absolutely no payoff.

This movie is like the theater has run out of popcorn when you try to claim your refill :(

Reviewed by begob 5 / 10

Rated by zombies

Good pace on a difficult two-hander. Better than Moon, I reckon.

Acting very good, and the sound track maintains tension along with cuts in visuals. The dialogue could have been livelier - the characters had their niggles, but both were reserved personalities. Timeline jumps about a bit, so keep an eye on the hand bandage.

Not sure the final shot was necessary - perfectly satisfied with psychosis induced by grief and cabin fever. And how/when could it have happened to her? Maybe a spinning cam in the sunshine with a zombie jaws final frame was best bet.

One thing that bugged me was no explanation for running water until about 40 mins in, when it cut off. People - in a zombie apocalypse you'll die of thirst or typhoid way before the brain gobblers get you. So it's important! Then the water turned on again, and I couldn't figure out if it was hallucination.

Not as good as The Battery - sort of indoors version without the humour - but definitely deserves higher rating.

edit: the ranger story wasn't resolved, so point lost.

Reviewed by erostew 2 / 10

I really wanted to like this but...

I ended up hating it.

I saw the low ratings and decided to give it a shot anyway. It's the kind of movie that has the potential to give us situational horror instead of just another gore-fest. I like character driven movies if they can deliver compelling characters and an interesting story. Sadly Dead Within just doesn't deliver. On any front.

As another reviewer mentions: It isn't a Zombie flick. He's right. It is the result of somebody having the idea to make a Zombie movie but not having any real cash to spend. Basically: "We can't afford the costs of having a horde of Zombies in our movie so we will basically shoot most of it in one small set with only 2 actors, and the story will be about the people trying to survive and not about the Zombies."

Unfortunately the creators of this micro-budgeted waste of time make the same mistakes as so many other low-budget filmmakers: They seem to have hired actors because they would work cheap instead of hiring them because they can act.

I don't want to mislead you into thinking that the acting is the only bad component of this movie though. The direction and editing are lousy too. Camera-work is not terrible but it certainly doesn't add anything to the viewing experience. It's shaky and hand-held low-budget stuff. The writing, if you can call it that is unoriginal and tells a disjointed story with way too many flashbacks. The ending is pretty much NOT a surprise. Despite having four credited writers, two of them being the lead actors, it feels mostly improvised. There isn't much in the way of special effects and what there is is pretty amateur. The "Zombies" are basically people with black contacts. Those contacts, some gauze and some black "blood" that looks like used motor oil are the majority of the makeup effects.

The only bright light in the whole sorry effort is the sound. It SOUNDS creepy.

2 out of 10

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