Dead Zone


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 64

zombie survival horror elite unit

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Reviewed by udar55 1 / 10

Terrible zombie film "starring" Michael Jai White

I watched my first (and last) Tubi Original with the zombie-action flick DEAD ZONE (2022) "starring" Michael Jai White. I say "starring" because White is in the entire film but probably only shown on screen for 13 minutes. The rest of the time, he is suited up in a Halo cosplay outfit with a fogged out visor, no doubt to cover the fact it is a double and he probably worked a day or two on this in Colorado. They also do some Iron Man Jarvis-like inserts of his face. I understand that White has a family and they have to eat, but this is really rough stuff. Director Hank Braxtan (Snake Outta Compton...yes, a real movie title) stages things so poorly with the entire commando unit decked out in identical outfits (except for leader White having a red stripe down his helmet), so you can't even tell who is who. Probably on purpose. Replete with bad action scenes, shoddy CGI and a haggard looking Jeff Fahey cameo, it feels like it was a SyFy movie lost in the editing bay in 2005 and recently recovered.

Reviewed by sara_boyle 8 / 10

Who doesn't like a good zombie movie?

It's available for Free on Tubi right now so I watched it right away when it dropped. The cast was great, each one aptly chosen for their roll. Very well done!

Reviewed by vanwolfster 10 / 10

A Great Zombie Movie

The cast in the movie done a superb job in acting and even if the special effects were lacking a bit, it still delivered a great zombie viewing experience.

I especially love the zombie designs, reminds me of a combination of other movies to video games, yet I can't give away the details without spoiling the movie. Watch it, it's great.

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