Deadly Code


Crime / Drama

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John Malkovich as Grandfather Kuzya

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Reviewed by Blueorca-1 10 / 10

Not just a B movie - this is pure art

I've been a member here for years. And i never wrote a review. But after watching this movie, even though there are bad reviews, I've just had to do a short review.

This movie surprised me extremely. Its not perfect. But there's so much love to detail, its just art. Im not a big fan of movies about Russia nor do i like john malkowich very much. I've always thought of him as a pretty weird actor. In this movie: he was just perfect!

Lower your expectations, watch this movie and i hope you will be positively surprised like i was. Somehow i hope there will be a sequel to this movie :) I got tired of the Italian mafia movies, Chinese marshal arts movies or American movies with big special effects... This was a welcome refreshment!

P.S Im sorry for my weird English, it has been years since I've talked to anyone or written in English. I just watch movies with English audio a lot. :)

Reviewed by siberya777 1 / 10


Well, that's definitely a fantasy movie. As a native Siberian, I agree with previous reviews:

1) There are no nationality "urka" in Siberia. Siberia was populated in a similar way as the U.S. Caucasian people came from the European part of Russian and dominated ethnic groups. In particular, there were several waves of prisoners in 18th, 19th, and 20th century. The Siberian criminals in 1930+ were called urkas, in particular, in Kolyma, a north Siberian region with rich deposits of gold. Most of urkas had tattoos that told their stories, in particular, what kind of crime they committed.

2) Urkas were not mobile once they were released from the prison in Siberia. Permanent and temporary registration is still a big deal in Russia. It would have been very unlikely for an urka to cross the country and settle down in the Western part of Russia, unless they had close relatives there who could register them at their own houses or apartments.

3) I was very upset with the looks and outfits. Honestly, I did not get why people were dressed like there were in 1930-40ties, while it was 1980-1990ties. Also, "Gagarin" and his father wore long hair. If they came from urka's family, the most appropriate hairstyle would be really short hair or being bold. Besides that long hair is usually considered homosexual in Russia, except some alternative fashion. Probably I should not write here how homophobic Russian people are...

4) What's up with the accent? I could hardly understand what actors said. It did not sound Russian to me. I hope it worked for non-Russian people to create the right setting.

To sum up, with 30MM Euro budget it is really such a shame that the crew did not do their homework. It was worth spending $1-2K to fly to a Siberian city and talking to people there, or hiring a Russian historian focusing on Siberia and/or criminal history to identify those basic things above.

P.S. Though I should admit that I enjoyed watching Malkovich in his role.

Reviewed by enofile 2 / 10

This is not a good movie from any angle.

While I appreciate the technical skill of the cinematography, the dialogue, character development, and editing must have been created through an alcoholic haze fueled by bad potato Vodka. It's too bad the cinematographer was not involved in a project that included a competent director and production team. How John Malcovich took on this role must be a fascinating and convoluted story. His performance was no "stretch" and Malcovich's abilities as an actor are not on display in Deadly Code or whatever name this ersatz piece of filming wants to use. The plot is trite and there is nothing fresh or revealing in this "comic book tale" of organized ethnic crime in Russia. This subject matter, when focusing on the transformation of the USSR to the current 15 republics, provides fodder for great movie making. However, this particular story is ludicrous, inexplicable, and simply makes no sense. Malcovich's acting is an over the top campy goof, but the other performances are so weak, especially Kolya's the young lead, that Malcovich's thespian romp seems Olivierarian in comparison. The only redeeming part of this movie, as I mentioned, is the cinematography. Thus, if you are an aspiring film maker, watch this with the sound off. It's the only way to tolerate it.

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