Deadly Maria

1993 [GERMAN]

Drama / Fantasy / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7 10 866

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drichner 10 / 10

Ground-breaking and Outstanding

When I first saw Deadly Maria at the Berlin & Beyond film festival in early 1996 here in San Francisco I was blown away.

It's full of style, like nothing I've ever seen, and uses techniques that punctuate the content more successfully than in probably any other film I've ever seen. Tykwer's later films, Wintersleepers and Run Lola Run are equally brilliant, but I prefer Deadly Maria on most levels.

As far as the content itself, it would most appeal to anyone who knows the pain of living life as someone other than who they truly want to be. It's dark and intensely honest.

What else can I say? This film touched my soul. The catharsis of seeing it shook me to my roots. Tom Tykwer is a genius, in my opinion.

See this film.

Reviewed by yuppie-flu 9 / 10

Stunning debut!

Director Tom Tykwer has made a film, that shows the fateful powers, that are to emerge, when a woman is suppressed by men all her life. Maria lives in a dream-land, that exudes violently into real life. Tykwer managed to show the magic of common things in a gray and sorrowful existence.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

Acting and atmosphere make it work

"Die tödliche Maria" or "Deadly Maria" is a German(-language) film from 1993, so this one will have its 25th anniversary two years from now. The fact that it is more known than most other German works from around that time is probably due to this one being directed by Tom Tykwer ("Run Lola Run"), possibly Germany's most known director in Hollywood right now as he has worked with Tom Hanks on several occasions in recent years, which says a lot about his popularity. But Hanks of course does not appear in this film that runs for slightly over 100 minutes. The title character is played by Nina Petri (and two younger actresses). Also in the cast are known names like Bierbichler, Franke and Król. And even if the movie was ignored by the German Film Awards, it received a great deal of awards recognition during all kinds of other ceremonies. This was Tykwer's first full feature film, so you could certainly call it a breakthrough for him, even if it is not among his most known works today at all, rather among his least known works.

The story is about a pretty disturbed woman, but the men in her life aren't really any better and in the end catastrophe is inevitable. Not just for Maria. Still, a happy end and a moment of harmony are in the books at the very end for the title character. As a whole, I think the film was okay in terms of the story and plot, but nothing really too memorable which is why I cannot give it a better rating than 6 out of 10. However, all the actors in here definitely elevated the material by a lot and they were all good casting decisions I believe as they really made the characters work and it was easy to care about them and wonder what would happen to them. Thumbs up for that. Another thumbs-up for the atmospheric touch. Tykwer's gloomy take on the whole thing in terms of colors, sets and cinematography made this an unpleasant watch which was actually not just pleasant, but really perfect in connection to the story we get to witness. Overall, I applaud Tykwer for what he has come up with here and while I am a lot more critical in terms of his more recent work, I must say this one here (even if it is mostly thanks to the actors) is a pretty strong achievement for a rookie filmmaker. I recommend you to check it out and I personally even like it more than "Lola rennt". It just feels more authentic in terms of the whole premise of a young female with deep psychological troubles inside of her.

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