Deadly Misconduct



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Anna Marie Dobbins as Annie Sagan
Colt Prattes as Mark
Louis Mandylor as Doug Larson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scarletepilogue 2 / 10

Just a terrible movie all around

This is just a horrible movie all around. The acting is atrocious; whoever did the casting for this movie did a horrible job bc the main character/actor is not a good fit for this movie (off topic, the woman's voice makes my skin crawl). It is actually almost unwatchable. No one would actually behave this way and if someone's family or children was threatened/watched/stalked, I would imagine more measures would be taken than what happened in this headache of a "movie". It's a waste of time; if you want to wonder what horrible casting/acting looks like then watch this one.

Reviewed by lizgurl-97412 2 / 10


I never leave reviews and 99% of lifetime movies are watchable, some better than others but this movie was a total snooze fest! Boring and worst acting I've seen in a while really dissapointing.

Reviewed by bama1111 3 / 10

Is she stupid or naive?

I honestly named the killer in the first 10 minutes, possibly less. I have, over the years, seen some very credible Lifetime movies but this may be the worst I have ever seen.

The story is incredibly unbelievable and the main character has to be either very stupid or very naive. There are at least a half a dozen times I said "call 911".... and, of course, she didn't. And, according to the story line, she has never lost a case.

As for the other story thread, another "call 911" situation, she treats it as no big deal, even though it can involve a danger to someone close to her, as well as she, herself.

I blame my criticism on the script and I always finish movies I have started. That said, I came close to shutting this one down. If the story is too hard to take seriously, the rest of the viewing experience is bound to suffer.

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