Dear Dumb Diary


Comedy / Family / Musical

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 646

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Natalie Alyn Lind as Claire Vanderhied
Emily Alyn Lind as Jamie Kelly
Laura Bell Bundy as Aunt Carol
James Waterston as Assistant Principal Devon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 3 / 10

Dear Dumb Movie Makers

The young girls who take the major roles in this movie are cute. After that, the movie gets hyperkinetic and creepy. This may be in imitation of the books by Jim Benton. The overall effect is of an effort by people who have little idea of what kids actually want making a movie for kids, but the consumers are the adults around kids who also have no idea what kids want.

Although a few actual insights are tossed in, this movie portrays pre-teen girls as middle-aged women who see the world in bright colors and are overwhelmed by the senseless adult world in which they are expected to take full part. This argues terrible parenting these days and encourages people in the belief that if a child is hysterical, then the proper response is to acknowledge the hysteria as a perfectly normal and rational response. In other words, this movie encourages bad behavior in the name of self expression. How utterly bizarre.

When I was a child, I had confidence in the adults around me and understood that the world was more complicated than I -- as yet -- understood. This movie, by its structure, acknowledges the complications and mocks its subjects for not understanding those complications. It sends two conflicting messages: they are full partners, able to criticize accurately, yet they don't understood what is going on and should be mocked for that. It equates lack of information with stupidity. It's as if Chuck Jones had directed all those Road Runner cartoons and had claimed the audience was coyotes.

Reviewed by mgrif426 10 / 10

Lots of fun!

We had guests over the night this aired and everyone enjoyed this movie- from adults with no children, parents of tweens and teenagers, grandparents, and kids (both boys and girls) from 11-16. It is a fun and family-friendly musical that has a lot to offer. The 'message' is positive, the humor witty, the songs catchy, and characters well cast. From the actors to the music to the props and set design, overall this was a success! As a parent, I don't think there are any hidden meanings or issues that need to psycho-analyzed, just a lot of musical fun and adventure to be simply enjoyed. I think the fans of the book series will be thrilled- and eager for a second installment!

Reviewed by gpaskey 4 / 10

dear dumb movie,

Hello Emily alyn Lind and David Mazouz! I'm an upset offended raging customer who dissaponted in their cinematic experience. First I would like to address the "pencil case bug scene" I'm physically and emotionally concerned. Why is it 7th grade pupils pick up bugs carcasses and are fine throughout the movie and they don't contract the Chikungunya virus. Additionally, at my education establishment dancing and mumbling in the middle of class will get you nothing but a bully. Good luck with the rest of your careers with this disappointment.

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