Death Has Blue Eyes

1976 [GREEK]

Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.8 10 1250

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10

Crazy, man, just crazy

If you're looking for a totally crazy and off-the-wall film, you should try to track down a copy of this one (it won't be easy). It has everything: threesomes, car and motorcycle chases, ESP, cold war espionage and naked female assassins (only one, in a very brief scene, but I thought I should mention it). The only things missing are narrative coherence and directorial competence; at some points the continuity is so poor that it seems as if parts of the movie are missing. But considering its rarity, as well as the fact that it's Nico Mastorakis' second film after the notorious "Devil In Mykonos", this one has definite cult possibilities. It's not, however, as much of a flesh fest as the other reviewer suggests. (**)

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 7 / 10

The Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll.

Nearing the end of ICM's poll on the best films of 1976,I started gathering up the final titles to view. Taking the Italian Crime flick Live Like a Cop,Die Like a Man off the shelf,I spotted Nico Mastorakis debut,which led to me finding out what colour the eyes of death are.

The plot:

Arriving in Greece, Bob and Ches play a double act to steal everything they want,from flash cars and clothes,to the hearts of girls and cash. Trying to get a free meal at a hotel via pretending be guests,Bob and Ches get caught out by real hotel guests Geraldine and her daughter Christine. Cutting a deal with them,Bob and Ches start protecting Christine and Geraldine,who has a special ESP ability.

View on the film:

Shot before,but coming out after Island of Death, writer/director Nico Mastorakis scrapes off the kerb a bucket load of Grindhouse sleaze,with sexy naked ladies (and naked men) Action chase sequences shot guerrilla style and loud 70's fashion all being wonderfully rolled into an un-hinged creation. For the editing,the uncredited editor goes for the unique approach of cutting it with a rusty hacksaw,which adds to the slimy atmosphere,as delightfully poor ESP Sci-Fi and frantic action scenes are cut with an axe. Keeping in line with his directing,the wacky screenplay by Mastorakis scoops up boo-hiss bad guys,naked assassins and a peculiar mother/daughter ESP bond,as the blue eyes of death light up.

Reviewed by Falconeer 8 / 10

007 On LSD

The low rating for this seminal piece of 70's weirdness is absolutely ridiculous. "Death Has Blue Eyes" tells a fascinating and unusual tale of a pair of hustlers who happen to meet up with a pair of mysterious blonde ladies, who both have the ability to read minds, and can cause a person's heart to stop just by sheer will. Starting out as a truly off-the-wall buddy movie, with the likable scam artists Ches & Robert, stealing a guy's identification and plane ticket and jet setting into Athens for an adventure of debauchery, they meet up with Christina and her "mother" Geraldine, when they get caught trying to bill their hotel meal to the room of the women, who then drag the guys into a world of danger and espionage! Light comedy soon turns serious, and very strange as the men discover the blonde ladies are not what they seem. Told with mind bending style and color, music and eye popping sets, the audience is treated to shootouts, helicopter attacks, motorcycle chases, explosions, assassinations, along with frequent nudity, "Death Has Blue Eyes" is so much fun that you would have to be unconscious to not enjoy it. I'm surprised at how few people actually appreciate this absolute gem of avant garde cinema. No obscure title is more deserving of a digital restoration than "Death Has Blue Eyes," and I would personally consider the bluray as "The Holy Grail" of art house/grindhouse excellence. Strangely director Nico Mastorakis' earlier movie "Island of Death" has received the coveted restoration, and that film is basically a worthless, artless piece of junk..a fact that the director himself admits in interviews. However if that resurfaced then it means there is a chance for this one also. Presently available in a severely cut VHS bootleg, (my copy only runs 76 minutes), it is time for this movie to be rediscovered.

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