Death of A Cheerleader


Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Reasoned and engaging TV movie based on a true-life story

Okay, so this is a television movie. It's never going to reach the heights of greatness, purely for that reason. But still, DEATH OF A CHEERLEADER turns out to be an engaging, true-life story about how classroom bullying and peer group pressure led to tragedy for one high school girl back in the 1980s.

For the most part, DEATH OF A CHEERLEADER takes a focused and realistic approach to the material, presenting an unbiased account of a murder, the circumstances leading up to it, and the eventual unravelling of the crime. The story is subdued and non-exploitative throughout, with a mature script giving insight into the minds of the characters.

Kellie Martin, who plays the conflicted Angela Delvecchio, gives a remarkably complex performance in the leading role, a sweet girl who gets out of her depth when everything gets a bit much for her. Martin gives a sympathetic performance that really grounds the rest of the movie. I'm no fan of Tori Spelling, who plays against her as the bitchy cheerleader of the title, but thankfully she doesn't have too much screen time. Watch out for THE STEPFATHER's Terry O'Quinn in a small role as the oily headteacher!

Reviewed by helpless_dancer 7 / 10

Murder, like greed, is sometimes good

I had to cheer when this arrogant smart ass took a shiv to the guts. Too bad the girl didn't go on and whack the little bitch's butt licking pals while she was at it. This film seemed to be a slice of real high school life as popular kids skated around in their cliques looking down on the poor unfortunates. How typical of the average unthinking, gotta fit in at any cost people to blame a person for a crime just because they are different, a unforgivable sin to the average braindead teen. Good picture with well played out parts by all, especially Kellie Martin as the tormented nobody with aspirations of being popular. Little did she know that her life was better the way it was. Thumbs up.

Reviewed by MarieGabrielle 7 / 10

Will society ever learn?

No, this is not the most unique film about bullying, alienation and violence in high schools today. But this film is acceptable when you note the hypocrisy of an American community when confronted with its demons. The prosecution admittedly pursued the death penalty in a case where it was not even applicable, to feed the PR flames and incite headlines across America.

If the underlying theme had been more developed, there was a much more important story to be conveyed here. Other than the obvious, Angela Delvecchio (Kellie Martin) as the odd girl out, desperately attempting to be popular (Unfortunately, her parents and teachers never told her this would cease to matter in 2 years anyway), with Tori Spelling as the "popular girl" for that year. They may have picked a more sympathetic victim other than Spelling.

There is a brief role for Terry O'Quinn, as the pretentious principal; babbling about Santa Maria excellence and perfection. We see his dismissal of Delvecchio (Martin) and how important his approval and praise was for her.

Andy Romano and Valerie Harper portray Angela Delvecchio's parents, and paint a realistic picture of the community's hypocrisy- everyone in America wants to succeed, have a bigger house, drive a foreign car, and this all ties in with being a popular cheerleader in Delvecchio's mind, at least.

Kellie Martin is a sympathetic character, and does quite well projecting Delvecchio's despair. Maybe they should produce a follow-up movie, to see if things have changed in that particular school. Other films have more accurately dissected teen violence: "Bully", "Elephant" and "Bang, bang, you're dead", for example. But this film still deserves credit for addressing some of the less popular notions in America today: that something is amiss, values are distorted, and kids are being affected by this.

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