Death Valley


Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
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Reviewed by gein 8 / 10

Gina Christian is the reason tube tops were invented!

This film is not as bad as many people would have you believe. Peter "The Dirt Bike Kid" Billingsley, in his first starring role, plays Billy, a boy who is forced to vacation with his mother and her boyfriend in the middle of the hot California desert. During a desert outing, a bored Billy decides to do a little exploration and comes across a seemingly abandoned RV. Unbeknownst to Billy the RV contains the freshly butchered bodies of three teenagers who are stuffed into the forward compartment. Billy nearly opens the forward compartment's door when he's pulled out and reprimanded by his mother's boyfriend. Billy doesn't leave empty handed though; he has stolen a necklace that he found on the RV's floor.

Later the necklace becomes a clue that is handed over with much guilt and tears to the town's sheriff played by Wilford Brimley. Soon after, the sheriff has a mining pick stuck in his chest after stupidly going over to the killer's house with clue in hand and basically asking, "Hey, look what I found at a murder scene," and knowing full well that the necklace belongs to the killer. Oops!

The killer believes Billy knows too much and needs to be eliminated. From this point on the film becomes a tense cat-and-mouse game that ends with more than a few dead.

Death Valley was released in 1982 without much fanfare or promotion and was quickly lost among the glut of slasher films being churned out by Hollywood at that time. That is unfortunate because the film features everything horror fans love: breasts, gore and excitement. This film also features a tense Henry Manfredini-like musical score by Dana Kaproff and excellent cinematography by Stephen Burum. Billy's mother is played by the beautiful Katherine Hicks (spelled Catherine on the video box) who played Marilyn Monroe in the television movie, Marilyn: The Untold Story.

Another reason to watch this film is for the brief appearance of Gina Christian, in her only film role, as R.V. Girl. Gina Christian is the reason tube tops were invented. Wow!

Reviewed by acidburn-10 6 / 10

A decent rare movie.

This was one of the many slashers that kinda came and went during the 1980's. Not one of the remembered ones though and not quite a classic though, but still a decent movie.

The storyline is different from the usual fodder instead of featuring a group of thirty year old teenagers, we get a young boy named Billy who goes to visit his mother and stepfather and the three of them decide to take a little holiday to the infamous "Death Valley" where Billy stumbles upon a crime scene and then becomes the target of a serial killer, who then starts to stalk him.

"Death Valley" really does have a decent story line and interesting characters allowing us time to get to know each of them, but it does lack in the actual slashing department, but it's actually more story driven than most and the killer was actually quite menacing, he wears no mask or anything and no motive which makes things even more creepier. But the pacing of this movie doesn't quite pick up speed and it does get rather tiresome at times, but the scene where the boy is being stalked does keep you at the edge of your seat and creates tension and the twist at the end was pretty decent and came to a total surprise.

The acting was really good which is kind of rare for an 80's slasher movie. Peter Billingsley was spot on as the young Billy he was really good. Catherine Hicks was also a real highlight in this movie as well and who I recognize from the first Chucky movie, nice to see her in another horror movie. Paul Lemat was also decent as the stepfather as well and Stephen McHattie who played the creepy serial killer was menacing and really decent also.

All in all a decent enough movie, not much in the blood or gore department but still worth a look if you're into forgotten movies.

Reviewed by culwin 6 / 10

Like a plane without an engine...

...a movie without a script totally bombs. From the writer of "Universal Soldier" (1 & 2) and "Hard to Hold", it's a wonder this movie is even as good as it is. The actors and director do a remarkable job despite the drivel they are forced to work with. If they did a total rewrite of this movie, it would probably be pretty good, but as it is, it is somewhat boring and just BLAH. It has some moments but I wouldn't bother unless it is on TV and you are bored anyways.

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