2022 [KOREAN]

Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Top cast

Jong-Suk Lee as Captain Jeong Tae-Seong
Cha Eun-Woo as Staff Sergeant Jeong Tae-Ryoung
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cdcrb 7 / 10

bombs away

After a terrible "accident" aboard a submarine, a lt cdr , suffering from tremendous guilt, receives threatening telephone calls about bombs going off. His phone is locked into the bomber and he must race around trying to prevent disaster from happening. Naturally his wife and child are involved, a must in these kind of stories, and there is indeed a lot of action. There is also another story which i can't give away. This all makes for an exciting adventure and the main character is very good. The scenes aboard the submarine are very effective and realistic. You know the end, but what the hey. Its a great way to spend a rainy saturday afternoon in nyc.

Reviewed by emrecolak55 7 / 10


I had full of action 110 minutes. If it'd have been just a "catch the bomber guy" movie, it wouldn't have been that good. But with the story behind, it drew me in. The timing of transitions between the submarine and now was good as well.

I just didn't like some effects such as explosion of cars. It looked a little fake. I can not cut any points of how the story is processed but maybe it'd be nicer to know more about some of the side characters or maybe more details of the life of the soldier in the submarine. It's hard to put everyting in 1h and 50 minutes it would be intersting to watch more submarine life.

Generally it was quite amusing to see this movie. I can recommend.

Reviewed by ysnperfecttarget-50960 4 / 10

Nothing special, freaking old pattern of storyline

I like the action, nicely edited. I like the angle that was shot. But one thing about the storyline, very confusing. In the beginning, the story didnt tell us about the reason why Kang Do Young started all this revenge, leaving audience so clueless and just blindly watch the action goes on until the latter part of the story, then it only explains why. So this is a minus point. No head and tail storyline.

2nd, the storyline structure is too boring. I've watched too many dramas with criminal genre or detective story. The story is just too familiar, so this movie is about hostage. You have a hero, you have a villain, some victims, and some NPC. In the end, I already know what they are going to do next. Out of 10, I guessed 9 correct. Too boring, too straightforward. Only girls would enjoy this kind of dramatic scene. But for a guy like me, this movie is a bit too ridiculous but not as horrible as most of the korean drama. If you have a horrible storyline, no matter which actors or actresses act inside, it is all down to drain. Might affect their reputation also. NEXT TIME I SEE THIS ACTOR ACTS, I KNOW HOW HORRIBLE THE MOVIE GOES.

Lastly, the logic level in this movie is about 40-60%. For example,Kim Rae-Won was hurt after the explosion, yet he could jump down from another storey to another. Each storey is about 3 metre high, and he could jump down 3 times before running towards his wife with the bomb vest. DUDE! I bet the legs is 100% crushed at this level, he didn't jump down like parkour, he jumped down like a noob. There are too many illogical scene, too cheesy, to talk about. Another example, the guided torpedo could follow the submarine so far that it runs out of fuel, if it is not a guided torpedo, yes it works. But this is a guided torpedo as the torpedo evaded the decoys, the camera of the torpedo can't see that clearly. Even after it ran out of fuel, it still can chase the submarine at full speed into the seamount. How can torpedo work like that??? Is this Drama-physics?

Hence, this is another "mediocre" drama/movie.

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