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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Wonder under the sea

2006's 'Deep Sea 3D' is one of several documentary short films presented in IMAX 3D. These short films are mostly quite interesting, but their overall quality is of the flawed and inconsistent but generally worthwhile kind. The effects have also varied. Underwater is always fascinating, often re-visited in nature documentaries but it never feels old when re-visited and a lot is learned every time without being recycled. Also like Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp as actors.

On the whole, 'Deep Sea 3D' was pretty well done. It is far from being one of the best IMAX 3D documentaries and has a few major debits. 'Deep Sea 3D' has many fantastic things however, and they do far outweigh the debits. The subject and location may not be new, but really liked the approach taken with the material and admired what was done to make it accessible, none of it felt old hat either.

Am going to start with what could have been done better. Like most of the IMAX 3D documentaries, 'Deep Sea 3D' does feel too short. With a lot of content, this could very comfortably have been 20 minutes longer perhaps which would have given the viewer more time to take in the information and also learn more.

'Deep Sea 3D' is one of the few IMAX nature documentaries where the narration didn't work for me entirely, was pretty mixed on it actually. Much of the writing is informative and interesting, but was less keen on the delivery. It would have worked a lot better with just one narrator, with Winslet being better suited as she is more expressive and her tone fitted the atmosphere better. Depp didn't seem as involved and the backing and forthing did distract and could have been used a lot less.

Can't fault everything else. 'Deep Sea 3D' looks incredible for one thing, with the photography being particularly awe-inspiring. Have not seen coral reefs look this beautiful in a while. The Undersea world dazzles visually, those gorgeous colours, though one is aware without being beaten round the head that it poses daily challenges for the wildlife. This is also one of the more successful IMAX 3D nature documentaries when it comes to the 3D effects, which actually doesn't look cheap, too gimmicky or/and too reliant upon.

The music, with an accessible style, is relaxing in some parts while having some edge in other parts. The animals are a great mix of adorable, formidable and exotic.

When it comes to the information, it is very educational without preachiness or being gimmicky. Familiar content still being approached freshly, and in a way that will captivate and never disturb kids while not being cookie cutter. More to this than beautiful wildlife in a beautiful habitat.

Perfect 'Deep Sea 3D' is not, but there is a lot to admire. 7/10.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

Solid documentary all in all

This is a underwater documentary from almost 10 years ago directed by Howard hall who has done quite a few of these. The music comes from Academy Award nominated composer Danny Elfman. I do not have a lot to criticize here. the recordings of the fish and other creatures interacting are pretty good I must say. Sadly, underwater species have never been my preferred animals, so I cannot appreciate these 40 minutes as much as I like to. But that is just personal preference. And there was another flaw in my opinion. Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet may be among the biggest movie stars on the planet, but one narrator is really enough for a documentary film, especially such a short one. I guess they wanted to advertise heavily with this duo, but still I'd have been fine with either of the two, especially as the interactions were sometimes a bit embarrassing, like when Winslet asks what's that and Depp starts explaining. Luckily, the great nature recordings make up for these minor flaws. A good documentary and I recommend it.

Reviewed by kosmasp 9 / 10


Like in the 2nd movie I've watched in an IMAX theatre. The first being "The Dark Knight" (see my comment on that elsewhere on IMDb), although you could argue that Deep Sea is actually the first real IMAX movie I've watched on an IMAX screen ... I don't even know if I can compare it to anything else, movie or theatre-wise or even picture-wise so to speak ...

But I can say, that it blew me away! You might have heard of 3-D movies and cinemas/theatres and so on, but forget all about those things (watching Spy Kids 3-D or anything similar can't even come close to this experience), because this is as real (3-D) as it gets! The glasses you have to wear to watch and experience the movie, might look like a bad fashion choice from the 80s, but they do "work"! Before the movie, we were treated to some trailers and they looked great too, but the main feature had people literally grabbing into air (I was tempted to "touch" some of the fish that were swimming right in front of me, but I resisted ... my bad).

The narration by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet is really great too, the only let down being that it is a bit too short. And due to the fact, that more kids attend to the screenings than adults, you have to be lucky not to sit next to a "screamer" ;o) (it could influence your viewing pleasure, if you're frightened to death every other minute! ;o) ). Overall it was a great experience and I can't stress out enough, that I need one of those screens at my house! ;o)

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