Deja Vu


Action / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7 10 286221

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Elden Henson as Gunnars
Denzel Washington as Doug Carlin
Elle Fanning as Abbey
Val Kilmer as Agent Pryzwarra
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 6 / 10

Undercut, Timespinning And A Moment Of Pure Bliss

Movie Review: "Deja Vu" (2006)

A massively-visualized opening sequence terror attack on a river ferry shot near New Orleans after Hurricane Katherina in August/September 2005 by cinematographer Paul Cameron in an intriguing image system orchestrated by paint-brush-striking director Tony Scott (1944-2012) alongside with close friend leading actor Denzel Washington, portraying solidly as special agent Doug Carlin of the U.S. bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (ATF) investigating the ferry disaster under an "act-of-terror" initiative, when Bill Marsilii's original script, polished by "Pirates of the Caribbean" screenwriter Terry Rossio and picked up as shooting draft by producer Jerry Bruckheimer becomes utterly unspeakable with a secret-operative science team, including Val Kilmer in hiding places behind desks and metallic-framed glasses, is able to fold time in order to prevent the high-flaming action-standards-granted fire-fight on the revisiting exterior location of the ferry, occupied by U.S. immigrated nemesis-character of Carroll Oerstadt under two-compact-machine guns aiming, bomb igniting actor Jim Caviezel, when full-frontal close, up and personal character conflicts get sacrificed for science-fiction mischief of Agent Carlin finally getting send through a wormhole back-in-time to the ferry to safe the woman of his recurring dream named Claire, here with utmost dedication playing actress Paula Patton, sharing intimate as emotional beats of a sensual woman, whose scenes with Denzel Washington mark the highlight of an undercut "Deja Vu".

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Reviewed by yvonne-91633 8 / 10


I have to admit right away, that science fiction, which includes time travel, is not one of my favourite genres, simply because I struggle to understand the niceties of the story line, more often than not.

Not being a very patient person, and hubbie having watched this film multiple times, I made him keep pausing the action to explain both the current and upcoming scenes to me ... frustrating for him I know, but I also hate surprises!

Is Denzel Washington typecast? Probably Does he ever make a bad film? Never

You could almost believe that he is playing out almost every character he has ever portrayed, in the way in which he approaches real life situations - cool, calm and collected.

The plot was well considered and played out without any awkward continuity moments. The special effects and crowd scenes were meticulous and well executed and Val Kilmer played the perfect foil to Denzel's character.

If you were not quite as sceptical as myself, you could not have failed to find this a very thought provoking, immersive and intriguing film.

Reviewed by bowmanblue 8 / 10

Thinking Man's sci-fi

'Deja Vu' is definitely a film that you haven't felt like you've seen before *boom boom* - it's actually as 'original' as any modern Hollywood film is going to be. And by that I mean it's probably quite similar to a few others, but presented differently enough to make it worth a watch. And, if that's not enough of a recommendation, it has Denzel Washington in it. What more could you want? The ever excellent Denzel plays a cop who has to investigate a domestic terrorism incident where someone blows up a boat full of naval servicemen and their families as it draws into port in New Orleans. However, instead of taking witness statements and making public appeals, he chooses to team up with a shadowy government agency who have invented a machine that can 'look into the past.' However, just because they can peek into the past, doesn't mean they can easily identify the killer. Unfortunately, the machine can only look into the past exactly four and a half days ago – and time is constantly moving forward. Even in the past. Confused? Don't worry. Denzel will explain it better than I can.

Although, it is one of those films where you do have to pay attention. It's not one where you can check your Instagram account and wander off for a cup of tea. I'm not going to go into how the plot unfolds, as there's more to it than I've mentioned. If you're slightly put off by the sci-fi element, don't be. It works on many levels. Obviously, there's a strong sci-fi feel to it, but nothing too over-the-top and the machine has a 'real' look to it, like it could really exist in our world. However, it's primarily a cop movie where the good guy has to track down the bad guy. So, hopefully it should appeal to more than just fans of the sci-fi genre. And, obviously, you have Denzel. He'll probably never win any Oscars for his performance here, but it is definitely enough to lift the film to even higher heights.

Don't expect wall-to-wall action. This is definitely not a 'Transformers' movie. And it's all the better for it. Get ready to follow closely and see what the future holds for the war on terror. Or should that be the past?

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