Deja Vu

2022 [TAMIL]


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September 03, 2022 at 12:21 AM

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Reviewed by contactbala 10 / 10

Excellent movie looks like based on real life incident

Very engaging and excellent investigation thriller. Climax is so unexpected and stunning twist. Kudos to director, Arul & team. Well narrated and edited screenplay. Very emotional subject. Must watch for thriller lovers.

Reviewed by natureboy-84907 7 / 10

Good movie happened again

Déjàvu , despite hearing to so much of mixed reviews , went ahead watching this thriller lead by Arulnithi , Madhoo and Achyuth Kumar . Truly speaking the movie was quite enjoyable inspite of few screenplay flaws . Arulnithi is probably the best fit for this kind of role and shows all signs of matured level of acting understanding the need of the director . More miles to go for him to get even closer to the top row heroes though . But way too better in performance when compared to his coUSin. The Chinna Chinna Aasai Roja girl Madhoo looks a bit aged here and gives an average performance. As a cop, the body language could have been better, good that it didn't tamper the movie experience . Achyuth kumar does a very good job and ensures his share of contribution really proves worthy to the movie . Kaali Venkat is seen more often these days in prominent roles and really does everything to make his role notable with his acting . Nothing to specifically mention about music , cinematography etc . All filled as required . It was a good attempt on probably a unique story line and the plot handled, was majorly interesting. Director though messed a bit towards end making things go little haywire . Still can be excused and to proceed with the movie . Overall Déjàvu, a good movie happened again ! .

Reviewed by nagarjuna-32517 9 / 10

Investigative Thriller

Great Movie One time watchable since it is thriller. It is based in the book which written by a writer and same characters coming into life and moving around the writer kind of supernatural ans suppense thriller with investigation elements.

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