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Elizabeth Thai as Nurse 2 episodes, 2013
Zak Santiago as Captain 2 episodes, 2013
Peter New as Nillwood 2 episodes, 2013
Emily Holmes as Naomi Overson 2 episodes, 2013
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gopal4320 5 / 10

Almost good

"Delete" had a good concept and the ending wasn't half bad. If you have nothing better to do, this might be a worthwhile way to spend a few hours. The movie did a respectable job of building suspense.

The camera work was meant to be creative but actually was annoying and detracted from the movie.

The acting was just good enough but some of the characters were a little hard to take. However overall the casting worked.

The plot is meant for the younger crowd and will seem juvenile to older viewers but get past that and there is a fairly exciting story to be had.

Clearly this is a made for TV movie and would never have survived wide release. It simply is not good enough but it had its moments and is thought provoking.

I feel ambiguous about "Delete" but am not sorry I watched it.

Reviewed by reinuvader 8 / 10

95% of the series was worth rating of 8

It would be very good series (close to 8) if only the ending would be something more interesting and not so lame. Basically when I saw this series starting from the middle of first episode (on the 20th minute), I got immediately hooked. It was interesting and acting and dialogue was good. But last 10 minutes of 2nd episode ruined whole thing. Problem was in script. Actors did job very well and I also liked camera work, lens flares and deep depth of field in visuals. It felt like someone else had written the ending of script in hurry. Because of the ending it deserves its below 6 rating. Its sad because 95% of the series was worth rating of 8.

Reviewed by grindler1000 9 / 10


this is a real sleeper. on 2nd episode, lots of action, good real tech. streaming it on Netflix. i highly recommend it. it is based on a AI intelligence that just forms in the internet. it starts by testing computer controlled systems. taking them down. watching how the CIA does the same thing. then it starts attacking known threats, like hackers who were fighting it. it is a series that i guess was on TV somewhere, but i never saw it previously. 1 hour episodes. the main female character is pretty hot. the government players are mostly competent, and not fully evil, as most of this genre of series has. but they do not really know what they are up against, and need the help of this one hacker, one FBI agent, and the female reporter.

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