Den ofrivillige golfaren

1991 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Sport

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 4355

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Catharina_Sweden 6 / 10

A harmonious feel-good movie with all the well-know characters

This is not a great movie, and I doubt if anyone who did not already know the characters from the previous movies in the "Sällskapsresan"-series, would find any meaning in it at all. But I liked it still - as a Swede you "know" Stig-Helmer and Ole, and you feel at home with them and wish for them to succeed, in whatever hopeless enterprise they are up to in every movie.

This is a harmonious feel-good movie, with some laughs in it as well. I think it was innovative to let part of it take place in Scotland - and with real native speakers in the parts, for added value. Another hilarious thing was the archaeologist, who tried to save artifacts for posterity. While the farmers, who accidentally dug them up, let their children play with them or used them for everyday household items!

I am not a golfer, so I did not understand so much of the main theme of the movie, though. I think that if you shall appreciate this movie to the full, you ought to have at least basic knowledge of this sport and its terminology.

Reviewed by Dandido 5 / 10

Very funny at times, but the end is bad

Den ofrivillige golfaren is a nice Swedish comedy if you aren't looking for anything special. The acting and the story is mediocre and there's really nothing great about it. On the other hand, it contains some good jokes and it really makes you laugh at times. (Sometimes cause it's so bad (the end))

The good laughs and the mediocre acting and story ends up in a 5/10 rating, I might have given it a 6 if the end was better.

I won't ruin movie for you by telling you why I didn't like the end, but I think that if you see it for yourselves you will agree - it's really bad.

Reviewed by sallylister 9 / 10

In my top 10 of all time

I haven't seen this for several years, so detail is quite hazy, but when I did it was right up there as a favourite. Make sure you see (if English) the subtitled version, not the dubbed version - it makes a huge difference. As I remember it, the film is not high on action and excitement (it's not trying to do that), and I suspect that the Swedish / Scottish sense of humour is not everyones (the film's languages are Swedish and Scottish(?) ). It's just a nice feel-good movie, for when you aren't looking to watch something for its action, drama, or educational value. Perhaps a little quirky compared to mainstream western movies, but it is not at all odd (movies I'd call odd include "The Avengers, .... ). Probably more likely to be enjoyed by more traditional, conservative people. We were all 20 when we saw it and liked it, but I'd guess more likely to be a favourite with elderly people. I wish I could find a copy here in NZ.

A memorable shot is of a sign on a lawn "Forget about the dog - beware of the occupants".

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