Denise Calls Up



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Alanna Ubach as Denise
Liev Schreiber as Jerry
Tim Daly as Frank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mars-14 10 / 10

Excellent, original movie. Definitely ahead of its time.

Just caught this movie on the Starz cable channel. Excellent, original movie. Great understated performances. Definitely ahead of its time. This movie was made in 1995, just as the Internet, email and wireless technology was coming to the fore. Five years on, this movie is even more relevant. I wonder how many people find themselves in the kind of relationships depicted. This movie is very European in outlook and sensibility. See it.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

A Fable About Individualism and Solitude of the Modern Men and Women

A group of New Yorkers just have contact through telephone, fax and Internet. The conversation among them are only through telephone. The foods are ordered by telephone. Even sex is made by telephone. They are not able to go to the funeral of a common friend, or to join in a restaurant, or even to open the door for the others in a party. A creative critic to the individualism and solitude of the contemporary human beings. The difficulties of having a relationship and interact with another persons is presented in this acid comedy. A great work of edition, in a movie not indicated for all tastes. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): `Denise Está Chamando' (`Denise Is Calling')

Reviewed by mdm-11 9 / 10

Cyber-age yuppies have troubles "connecting"

This unusual (to say the least) comedy is well ahead of its time with a message for all of us, who are so wrapped up in our work, that we have completely "un-learned" how to enjoy life. -- A 90-minute string of phone conversations, telephone answering machine messages and e-mails ends in at least TWO PEOPLE re-connecting with life they once knew as worth living. A group of "yuppie" friends is in contact only through modern day communication systems. When a young woman (Denise) calls the sperm donor, whose child she is about to give birth to, the cyber-serene world of the clique begins to rock. The scene where one of the friends leaves a phone message to another clique member while getting into a fatal car wreck is morbitly funny. This movie resembles a very long joke that entertains you while you eventually reach the punch line. There are many laughs, but the seriousness of the message behind this comedy remains after viewing. Have we all turned into little cell-phone-toting robots? Released in 1995, this film is in tune with our changing times. This film will "hit home" with a lot of people. Recommended!

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