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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by strangedays 10 / 10

Brilliant, hilarious and fearless

With liberal humor dominating television and print, it's a testament to the strength of the material that Dennis Miller was able to drop this bomb in the heighth of the anti-war protests it mocks. Drawing on his experience as the 10-year host of his Emmy-winning HBO show "Dennis Miller Live" and his frequent appearances on political and talk shows, Miller fashions an eloquent, insightful and dangerously edgy monologue as hilarious as it is brilliant. Miller's humor is very intelligent, but he speaks from a very common-man perspective, and it's about time someone thew back what the liberals were dishing out. Soon to be launching a political talk show on CNBC later this month, Dennis Miller is sure to be a fixture for common sense political humor for years to come.

Reviewed by Michaelrsear 8 / 10

Great Stuff

With all of the Hollywood liberal brain-dead crap out there it's a major breath of fresh air to hear Dennis get political and social comedy right. I'm not what I'd call a conservative or right winger but when EVERY OTHER DAMN COMEDIAN TRASHES BUSH OR REPUBLICANS OVER AND OVER AGAIN it's beyond refreshing to hear Dennis inject the voice of truth and commonsense into the cesspool that is stand up comedy. How utterly droll the constant anti-Bush garbage has become by lock-step left-wing idiots. So, then there's Dennis Miller, who speaks his mind and doesn't give a crap what his holier-than-thou politically correct moron friends of the Hollywood left think. He too seems tired of garden-variety liberal whack-jobs who constantly cram liberal garbage down the throats of us all. Instead, Dennis continuously bitch slaps the smirks off their over-bloated kissers. This video was excellent from the beginning - right through to the end. I've watched it 3 times so far and laugh every time. It's well worth your time and money.


Reviewed by Brendan3 2 / 10

Painfully unfunny

Dennis Miller can be funny and has had his moments. Sadly, this isn't one of them. It appears he used up all his best material before this 2003 appearance. I don't mind his conservative politics, but in this concert it seems his idea of political humor is simply uninspired attacks at the left. I don't mind attacking the left with humor... so long as it's actually clever. What he presents is simply angry self righteous insults that clearly appeal to a those on the right so hungry for conservative humor that they are just happy to enjoy the rare sight of a comedian attacking the left that they don't bother to notice he's not funny.

Aside from his weak attempts at political humor, the rest of his routine seems to be unrelated rants made up of pop culture references, recycled (stolen) material from other comedians, and his signature pretentious use of multi-syllable words to give the false impression he's being clever.

The saddest part about this angry rant from this chicken hawk is watching it again all these years later (I just caught it on TV again last night) and seeing just how wrong and misguided he was about nearly all of his political rants... particularly his call to invade Iraq and mocking those that questioned it. He sounds like a fat man giving diet advice and the irony is completely lost on him when he questions the patriotism of any on the left and insinuates they lack the courage to fight... while he forgets that he, himself, never served.

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