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Action / Crime

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Dong-seok Ma as Hyung-Suk

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Reviewed by Prashast_Singh 10 / 10

A film that can haunt you for long.

DERAILED is another dark action film from South Korea that becomes hard to forget after it ends. It's a film which is so real in presentation that it's hard to believe it's really just a fictional film. It has got a high amount of action and it's shot extremely well, but it's a different kind of action film which doesn't intend to provide merely escapist fun. The darkness and emptiness in life, the strength of friendship, the value of relationships : everything is blended in this film and packaged very well within a duration of just 91 minutes, something many directors, sadly, fail to do even in the 2 hours duration.

Performances by every actor are great and realistic. Direction is superb and there's that unique "indie film" feel to it. DERAILED is a strongly scripted action film which sadly might not have seen by many people, but nevertheless leaves a strong impact, further haunting you especially after the end. It can even make you cry.

Reviewed by root-37108 9 / 10

Drama and action by Seong-Tae Lee

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, as the old saying goes, but for four down at heels street kids even their slight attempts to evade a desperate situation land them in even more trouble than they've ever been in before. The debut feature from director Lee Sung-Tae, Derailed (Doo Namja) is bleak and gritty though underpinned by an ironic sense of love and connection which is itself often "derailed" or subverted as genuine feeling becomes a tool to be exploited in the ongoing war between those fighting among'st themselves to get a hand on the bottom rung of the ladder.

A makeshift family of four homeless kids and runaways made up of two teenage couples fights to survive in the backstreets of Seoul. With no practical means to support themselves, Jun-Il (Minho), his girlfriend Ga-young (Da-Eun), friend Bon-Gil (Lee You-Jin) and Bon-Gil's girlfriend Min-Kyung (Baek Soo-Min) are often forced to resort to low-level crime just to get something to eat. Running low on supplies the gang try to steal a car but the plan goes awry when an old enemy, the former boyfriend of Ga-young who blames Jun-IL for the prison sentence he's just been released from, arrives prompting the gang to flee.

Out of options their next plan is a dangerous, possibly unpleasant one – a prostitution scam. Ga-young being a little braver than Min-Kyung puts herself forward as the bait and waits for a randy guy with underage tastes to pick her up in a dingy back alley before taking her to a hotel. Once there she needs to text the boys who will march in, rescue her, and blackmail the John. What they didn't reckon on was that their target would be a big guy and a petty thug operating on the fringes of the sex trade. The boys manage to knock the irritated bruiser, Hyung-Seok (Ma Dong-Seok), out and the gang steals his wheels too but they've messed with the wrong guy. Hyung-Seok calls his buddies, tracks them down, roughs them up and then makes them an offer they can't refuse. In payment for the damage, inconvenience, and humiliation, Ga-young can work off the debt in one of his "karaoke bars". Or, he could break Jun-IL's face, choice is theirs.

Jun-IL begins the film with a voice-over about his life on the streets. "Being nice is being stupid" he tells us. He has a point. When you're trapped at the bottom it's every man for himself, you can't trust anyone and kindness is always a weakness. Yet Jun-IL is "nice", in a sense. The unofficial daddy of the group, he takes care of the others and refuses to leave anyone behind, hungry, or afraid. It's no surprise then that he feels so personally responsible for the fate that's befallen his girlfriend, Ga-young. Despite Ga-young's pleas to keep himself safe and take care of the others, Jun-IL goes to great lengths to try and get the money to buy her back by paying off the impossibly high debt.

Hyung-Seok, despite running a chain of seedy "karaoke bars" which straddle the line between providing female company and outright prostitution is also a committed family man with beloved teenage daughter of his own. Apparently, Hyung-Seok's business enterprises have taken a tumble recently, enough to have his wife complaining though it seems unclear if she knows exactly what her husband's line of work entails. This crisis could not have come at a worse time for him but even if he expresses surprise, concern, and mild outrage that Ga-young's mother tells him to get lost when he threatens to harm her daughter unless she pays up, Hyung-Seok does not seem to see the link between this vulnerable teenager and his own elegantly attired little girl.

To make matters worse, Hyung-Seok eventually teams up with the gang's arch nemesis, Ga-young's ex, to destroy the band of four as thoroughly as possible. The eventual intervention of the police is perhaps useful and well-meaning, but merely adds another motivating force to this already complicated set of intersecting vendettas. Trapped between a traumatic past and a hopeless future, these are kids whose lives have become so completely derailed that there is almost no possibility of righting them. Family betrays, love fails, friendship collapses, being nice is being stupid but in a world filled with so much corruption it might just be the only chance left.

Reviewed by SyoKennex 8 / 10

Dark, bleak and stunning

Around the World in 196 Films Country 1: South Korea Film: Derailed Director: Lee Song Tae Rating: 4/5 [8/10]

Derailed is a film that follows four runaway teenagers - Jin Il (Choi Min Ho), Ga Young (Jung Da Eun), Bong Gil (Lee Yoo Jin) and Min Kyung (Baek Soo Min) - as they try to survive on the streets. Amidst their stealing for food and money for survival, they end up stealing the car of Hyung Sik (Ma Dong Seok) who doesn't take too kindly to their actions. Ga Young is taken by Hyun Sik and Jin Il, Bong Gil and Min Kyung - wanted by the police - must do everything they can to get her back.

Derailed is a film that isn't something I usually watch; crime thriller isn't a genre set that I regularly enjoy. I purely watched this to write some articles on Choi Min Ho more than anything - and I found myself truly liking this film much, much more than I expected.

This film was dark, it was gritty, it was stressful. With numerous members of the cast giving stunning performances, I was easily swept up into this horrible - and, all too real for some teenagers - world. This had my heart racing, I ended up chewing on my lip and pausing at times to take a break. The pace in this is well done; we go from seeing the teens resting and okay, having fun despite their predicament to their entire world turning upside down. Watching them struggle to desperately survive the newest issue thrown at them was harrowing. This was dark, bleak and painful. My heart bled for them, I found myself crying at parts and I couldn't get enough or finish this film quick enough.

The characters in this are extremely interesting - Seong Hoon (Kim Jae Young) took me completely by surprise and even days after finishing this film, I constantly think about him and what made his character the way that he is.

Lee Sung Tae, writer and director, did a splendid job with this film; I definitely want to watch more from most of the actors - this film has solidified me as a fan of them with ease. My eyes are on Sung Tae and what he does next and I'm eager to sit and watch through his other films to see just what else he can get me to enjoy.

All in all, Derailed was a brilliant film and I cannot wait to discover more from those involved in the film.

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