Descendants: The Royal Wedding


Action / Animation

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Melanie Paxson as Fairy Godmother
Dan Payne as Beast
Sarah Jeffery as Audrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by worldfangirl 10 / 10

Beautiful mini!

This is a great add on the Descendants franchise! Really enjoyed the whole thing, really missed Carlos though..I loved how they did not just hired another voice actor to portray him. Cameron Boyce was, is, & will be one & only...

Reviewed by brookenichole-98054 8 / 10


I loved this short! It was so bitter sweet getting to see Mal and Ben get married! Their love story was so beautiful and ended perfectly! And the friendship moments were heartwarming! They even gave Audrey a second chance. I started to tear up when they subtly lit up Carlos' crest (Cameron Boyce) that lit up all the other crests. You could definitely feel a difference without Carlos. They even had great moments between Mal and her parents. I thought they did Hades justice.

I loved the song 'Feeling the Love'! It has been stuck in my head!

The animation was beautiful, just a little slow at times, but not too bad.

My only issues is I wish there was more Ben and Mal, more characters, and a longer story.

A must watch for any Descendants lover!

Reviewed by legobuilderpro 6 / 10

Villain wedding

I found this cute and really sweet. The animation is pretty and well done along with the same actors from the live action movies voicing their characters.

The live action 3 movies I thought were pretty good but I think this is a good ending and in loving memory of Cameron Boyce.

I miss Cameron Boyce as Carlos in the movie series, they made a good short movie in memory of him.

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