Descent Into Darkness


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.4 10 424

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Dean Cain as Will Murdock
William Zabka as Marty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ClutchControl 1 / 10

... into obscurity

This movie marks the return to that 80's scifi set look we all love and don't miss. At all. Although this is obviously a TV-quality movie I doubt it's possible to make a futuristic indoor movie any cheaper than this with it's few grey walled sets and a few meters of corridor which one soon comes to recognize. Although the movie is dreary and just plain silly, this is not it's major fault. You soon find yourself wondering how blatant a ripoff you can get away with when the plot, clothes and scenes are taken from the 80ies movie "Outland" with Sean Connery.

Save yourself the time and money and rent something (anything) else.

Reviewed by tabuno 3 / 10

A Dull Version of Outland

1 October 2002. Dark Descent has many similarities to Outland (1981), a space western, starring Sean Connery. Unfortunately, Dark Descent doesn't really have much original going for it and, in fact, does a worse job. Outland by contrast had a tight script, good use of interaction and tension with its characters. As a ripoff, Dark Descent descends rather than promotes what Outland has already accomplished.

Reviewed by whpratt1 1 / 10

Big Disappointment

For some reason, I got the wrong conception that is film was really going to be an under water thriller and not turn into a complete Merry-go-round of people running from one place to another and shooting up the place like an old time Western. Dean Cain(Will Murdock), played a plastic cop who tried to keep law and order as a Marshall and tried to obtain help among the crew, and what do you think happened? All I can say about this film is that Dean Cain did his very best to keep this film together. However, there was a brief scene where a gal grinds herself up and down a pole for the men's enjoyment and that was probably a HIGH LIGHT to the film. Avoid, if you want to!

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