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Gerry Bednob as Lizard
Trent Ford as Troy
Sebastian Bach as Archer
Winter Ave Zoli as Rosemary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gustheaffen 5 / 10

Decent but nothing new and very dumb decisions are made

Original to get a few different groups together but dumb on multiple parts. Any time you go into the desert you need an abundance of water, food, other communication modes. You wouldn't just have high heels. Some of their decisions made you roll your eyes. Leaving the original site immediately when they did have the guy at the garage expecting them back in two days. Every phone has a GPS that could have pointed them where they needed to go. But a movie isn't made off good survival choices so here you go. Watchable but nothing new.

Reviewed by gavinfitton 2 / 10

Idiots lost in desert

Bunch of unlikeable morons lost in desert. Follows all usual tropes and brings nothing original to mix. Poorly acted and executed. Do yourself a favour and skip.

Reviewed by Tiffany-sharp83 4 / 10

Ok. Just ok

I'm a big fan of survivalist thrillers, which are hard to find, so when I come across one, I have to check it out. Deserted was ok, in my opinion. Not terrible, but not great. I was expecting something like The Canyon, which I loved. This one was slow. A lot of walking and not getting anywhere. Nothing more than that really.

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