Desperate Hours


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 6713


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Mickey Rourke as Michael Bosworth
Anthony Hopkins as Tim Cornell
Kelly Lynch as Nancy Breyers
Shawnee Smith as May Cornell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by preppy-3 1 / 10

Desperate is right!

Horrible remake of a Humphrey Bogart film. Mickey Rourke plays a criminal who escapes from jail with help from his lawyer (Kelly Lynch). He decides to hide out in the house of a heavily dysfunctional family (played by Mimi Rogers, Anthony Hopkins and Shawnee Smith). Lindsay Crouse pops up as a police chief trying to capture him.

I caught this in a theatre back in 1990 and, try as I might, I can't forget how TERRIBLE this film was! Director Michael Cimino frankly can't direct. "The Deer Hunter" was a fluke. After that he did "Heaven's Gate", "Year of the Dragon, "The Sicilian" and this--all box office bombs. The direction in this is beyond belief. Badly lit, terribly staged and weird camera angles. He single-handedly destroys any visual quality the film might have had. The plot is bad--full of loopholes and bad dialogue. The acting couldn't be worse. You have talented actors like Lynch, Rogers and especially Hopkins giving their all time worst performances. Rourke and Crouse never could act so their bad acting is expected. Worst of all was Smith. She is so incredibly annoying you'll be rooting for Rourke to shoot her dead! This was quickly forgotten and (thankfully) has stayed that way. Avoid.

Reviewed by travisbickle86 8 / 10

See through the sloppy editing and studio mutilation, and you'll find Cimino's art.

With the clouds running through blue skies and the majestic mountains ever present you'll know Desperate Hours has American maverick, Michael Cimino at the helm. There are few auteurist directors who have this ability to impose themselves on an audience with the 'look' of their film stock within the first few minutes. Kubrick, Bergman and Tarkovsky come to mind, of course.

Sadly, we are yet again left trapped between a conscientious artist trying to feed us caviar while the studio chew up some cardboard and spit it out:

'According to some official sources, Michael Cimino's original cut of Desperate Hours was mutilated by the film's producers, resulting in a very badly edited film filled with plot holes. The only known proof of any deleted scenes are some stills which seemingly show a few of them.'

It's sad to think Cimino didn't have the chance to re-cut this film like with Heaven's Gate. Still, the acting is fantastic; Mickey Rourke was at the height of his powers here. There is humour thrown between the tension; some of the more subtle exchanges and glances between the characters are masterful. Like in the 1955 version, there is subtext referring to class, and references to the changing nature of American society. Cimino also references the influence of advertising, although the theme is never developed (thanks again to you-know-who!) As Rourke's Bosworth spews out:

'That's why America is becoming a second rate country!'

The editing by Chris Rouse/Peter Hunt is a mess. Choppy and careless. The ending sees the most obvious intervention by the bean counters. I could almost hear the argument between director and producers during the closing scenes:

'Give me more time. This doesn't make sense. There must be at least some character resolution!'

'No, Michael You've spent our budget. Don't mess with us, we're not United Artists. We'll tell the press!'

For years I had avoided watching Desperate Hours based on the reviews; but if you are a fan of Cimino, it is easy to see past the choppy edits and plot holes. The cinematography is often a joy, as is the direction of the fantastic cast, costume/set designs and cars. At times I felt like shouting out 'Michael, you spoil us!' because you don't see many filmmakers today who are allowed to treat their audience as adults.

Thank you Michael. RIP

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 6 / 10

Cimino and Rourke play the hostage game

Michael Cimino's Desperate Hours, despite only really being a serviceable home invasion/hostage thriller, still has a lot of fun with it's two leads, brash sociopath Mickey Rourke and even brasher estranged family man Anthony Hopkins. Based on a creaky old Humphrey Bogart film, Cimino obviously vamps up the violence and eroticism that simmers beneath it quite a bit, and when you have Rourke as your antagonist you know it's not going to be anywhere near a relaxed affair. He plays Michael Bosworth, a dangerous felon on the run with two other goons, his volatile brother (Elias Koteas) and another creepy lowlife (David Morse). He crashes into the home life of Tim Cornell (Anthony Hopkins) a boorish father visiting his wife (Mimi Rogers) and children. The film mainly takes place inside the house, as the creep factor rises along with the threat of blaring violence which we know will come, made all the more likely by the growing police presence outdoors, and the tensions of everyone involved, threatening to snap at any moment. Rourke walks a tightrope between amiable and unstable, a man sure of himself, who always gets his way, and is capable of bad, bad things if he feels he won't. Hopkins plays Cornell as a man used to being in control, but his inability to hold his family together is made worse by the gang's arrival, rubbing salt in an already festering wound. Cimino has a brawny style to his violence, a trademark that's seemingly born of both De Palma and Peckinpah, rich bloody gun battles and accentuated slow motion death scenes. Most of the film is held back, but the flood gates do eventually open and action hounds will get what they came for. Watch for Lindsay Crouse, Kelly Lynch, Shawnee Smith, James Rebhorn and Dean Norris as well. Not groundbreaking in the least as far as thrillers are concerned, but still an entertaining little piece made memorable by Rourke and Cimino's ever interesting pairing.

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