Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare


Action / Adventure / Animation / Crime / Family / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7 10 1390

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timou-17658 7 / 10

Disappointing, but still good!

The Story feels sadly pointles, as it didn't added much to the main Story of Detective Conan.

Reviewed by benjo_cm09 10 / 10

Darkest Nightmare: The Most Thrilling of the Detective Conan Movies so Far..

I have known Detective Conan series since 1997 and have find ways to watch d episodes whenever it permits. I have watched previous 19 movies as well..'The Darkest Nightmare' is a 'blockbuster', the most action packed of all, the best Black Organization movie compared to Movie5 ( Countdown to Heaven ) & Movie13 ( Raven Chaser ). It is the most entertaining movie up to date, slightly rivaled by Movie3 ( Last Wizard of the Century ) & Movie7 ( Crossroads in the Ancient Capital ). Fans of Shuichi Akai & Tooru Amuro Bourbon will be entertained witnessing an extended battle between the 2 protagonist on ferris wheels facilities. There is a frenzy trigger happy helicopter attack by Chianti & Korn on our Main Characters. Thanks to Kobun Shizuno ( director ) for altering the formula, the movie aim is to provide a riveting action experience, not the ordinary outclassing of wits that DC series provides. Curacao the BO introduced in the movie is a villain where the audience will sympathize. A girl with a rare illness, she was brainwashed by Vermouth & Gin to the hilt. We will feel the dilemma of the antagonist Curacao, showing her humane side of a dark BO personality. An avid fan who follows the series will have a deduction early on that Curacao will appear only in this specific movie and will suffer the sad fate that happen to BO Irish (Movie13 ). I don't watch DC series & movies in original air dates, as I've watched it from downloading in KissAnime. One regret I have is that though I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Darkest nightmare' from the comfort of my home. A film teeming with action, drama & jus' a light sense of humor deserves a bit of your hard earned money. There is no other way to view 'TDM' but the theatre big screen. Don't believe in critics that it's doesn't add much to the story. It is the best Conan Movie among the 20!

Reviewed by isabellaschultzwild 10 / 10


Plot was amazing and ending was so touching and emotional, i loved it.

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