Devil Hunter

1980 [SPANISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bloomer 2 / 10

More exotic, hugely padded-out crap from Jesus.

When a man who doesn't have Alzheimer's can't remember how many films he's made, he probably is the world's most prolific director after all. That man is Jesus Franco, the king of so-called 'eurotrash'. His 1980 flick Devil Hunter is as rushed, opaque, stupid, lazy and exploitative in the truest sense of the word (the film's title is misleading, for starters) as any other Franco film I've seen. That makes it sound pretty awful, and it is... Yet Franco does have some kind of inimitable sensibility, a generous way with the baldly outrageous, with nudity and sleaze and violence, and even with his stupid cheap editing which tries to pave over the extreme haste with which all his films were made. The mix of all these elements causes you to ride his films out, even while you're mostly waiting for them to end because they're so very tedious.

Devil Hunter is nigh on incomprehensible for the first half an hour. The kidnap by strangers of a white woman who seems to be a model or film star is intercut with a bunch of native action in South America. There's lots of naked writhing, dancing, and endless repeated zoom-ins on an ugly totem pole. You need to get used to the repetitive zoom-ins and the technique of cutting back to the same shot about three times in a row right away, as these are Franco's main methods of extending a film out to feature length.

The monster who looks like the totem pole is actually kind of scary. He has raw bug eyes and his presence is always signalled on the soundtrack by cacophonous groaning, apparently recorded in an echo chamber. Early in the piece he chews on a native lady strapped to a tree, and it's hard to know what really happens here but I think he ate her stomach (or her genitals, sweet Jesus!).

Anyway, the adventure begins properly when a studly guy and his freaked out Vietnam vet pal are sent to the island to recover the white girl from the kidnappers. The flakey guy has an accent which, as dubbed, is half Brooklyn-American, half English-Liverpudlian and all retarded. All of the dialogue and dubbing is ridiculous and laughable, making for another layer of the film which can somehow hold your interest.

Not too much really happens from here on in, and it happens pretty sluggishly, studded with the odd bit of outrage like a rape. The nebulous action is fleshed out (haha!) by acres of 360 degree nudity from the natives and the two female leads, and even from the monster himself. That he walks around with his penis exposed makes wrestling him an unappetising prospect for the tough guy hero, but it's gotta be done at some point, and it's nice to note that the director will show anyone's genitals on camera.

The best feature of Devil Hunter is the location filming. Franco can be extremely cheap with the structural and story aspects of film-making, but he doesn't muck around with sets. You get real islands, jungles, helicopters and mountains, all in widescreen. This is something that is really cool to experience in these days of crappy CGI sets and backdrops ad nauseam.

Ultimately, issues of recommendation where this film is concerned seem moot. If you're trying to see all the Video Nasties, you will have to watch this at some point, and you'll be made as restless as I was. If you like Franco, you'll watch this anyway. If you fall into neither of the above categories, the odds are you'll never come across this film. Copies of it aren't just lying around, and I could hardly recommend the seeking out of it. It's Franco. Lazy, crazy Franco.

Reviewed by Witchfinder-General-666 4 / 10

Entertainingly Nonsensical Franco-Ultra-Sleaze

I am a huge admirer of the prolific Spanish Exploitation deity Jess Franco, whose impressive filmography includes over 190 titles so far. It is undeniable that the man has made masterpieces and total crap alike, and his attempts to cash in on the popular Italian Cannibal-sub-genre belong rather to the latter category. This movie of the delicate title SEXO Cannibal (aka. THE DEVIL HUNTER) of 1980 is better than his absolutely terrible other Cannibal flick from the same year, MONDO CANNIBALE (which is not to be confused with Umberto Lenzi's PAESE DELLO SESSO SELVAGGIO and Ruggero Deodato's ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE, two genre-classics which are often referred to as MONDO CANNIBALE 1&2). SEXO Cannibal is somewhat interesting for its epitomizing Jess Franco's habit to shamelessly ignore any logic and build up movies that exist almost entirely of sleaze and violence. The film is furthermore notable as it is one of the three Franco-films that landed on the UK's infamous "Video Nasty" list of banned movies, making him the most prolific Video Nasty maker alongside the Italian genius and 'Godfather of Gore' Lucio Fulci, who also made three films that landed on the list.

A model (Ursula Buschfellner) is kidnapped by criminals who ask for a ransom of 6 million dollars. Her agent asks 'nam vet and soldier of fortune Weston (Al Cliver) to free her. Out of all places, the criminals hold her hostage on an island full of savages who habitually feed young women to a rape-hungry cannibal fiend. Needless to say that the island is full of hot women with exhibitionist tendencies...

The film is fun to watch for its shameless sleaze and for the gore (though the latter wasn't as extreme as I had expected). It is also fun to watch for the lack of logic, and some parts that are downright absurd. Weston's sidekick, for example, is the wussiest 'Nam vet I've ever seen on film. The guy starts crying whenever he enters the jungle. Franco obviously picked up on the 'Nam-trauma' theme that was so popular in US-cinema in the late 70s and 80s here, and since he is Jess Franco he decided to exaggerate it more than a little bit. Overall, this isn't one of Franco's worst 80s movies, but it certainly far from being one of his better ones. Personally, I would state that Franco is best when making films about deranged Scientists or Nymphomaniac/Lesbian Vampires, his contributions to the Cannibal-genre are rather forgettable. SEXO Cannibal is still worth the time for my fellow fans of the man, who are most likely not gonna expect intriguing story lines and breathtaking suspense anyway.

Reviewed by Weirdling_Wolf 8 / 10

Jess Franco's long-derided, beautifully bungled, Jungle jackanapes is a sheer delight!

A trail-blazing titillator, if, perhaps, not always tasteful; that perfectly prurient, Euro-cult polymath, Jess Franco, not infrequently makes the kinda' wilfully artsy-fartsy, frequently artless, always transgressive weirdness that by its very ribald, uncompromising nature will strongly trigger the vociferous oratory of any mondo movie fan curious enough to dip into the morally murky movie miasma of Spain's premier, pop-cult sexualist extraordinaire. Even amongst ardent Franco-philes, 'The Devil Hunter' aka 'El Cannibal' (1980) is usually given brusque, short-tempered shrift, perhaps being due to the curious lack of gore, and the film's relatively mild sexploitation. So, why on earth do I love it so unreservedly? Because it is absolutely hilarious, a screamingly silly, sinfully stupefying, blissfully taste-free, trash-movie classic! A gloriously shambolic, Ed Wood Jr/Al Adamson /Andy Milligan cinematic tour de farce!

Viewed purely as schlocky, monobrowed comedy it's a titanically tasteless, full-blooded hootenanny, but for those hoping for a sensationalist, sicko-splatter 'Video nasty, are in for an unpleasant surprise, since it is a dismally plasma-light, B-Movie blight, no doubt wholly deserving of censure, but, happily, a 'Cannibal Holocaust-wannabe' it surely 'ain't, since it's a freaking laugh-riot of stumble-bum, diabolically-dubbed hilarity! Hell's onions! Even the hypertensive, Teutonic tantrums of boggle-eyed, B-Movie misanthrope, Werner Pochath are absolutely worth the price of admission alone, and any sliver of doubt about the vastly comedic potentialities of 'Devil Hunter' are resolutely expunged by the less than dynamic arrival of our morbidly myopic, sightlessly-stumbling cannibal stooge, and while his recently enslaved, ex-Playboy pin-up, Ursula Fellbuchner, has all the vacuous, celluloid charisma of a mildewed shower curtain, the stalwart presence of Italian exploitation stud, Al 'Endgame' Cliver, makes for an entirely stolid, if somewhat somnolent, heroically-moustachioed, damsel-delivering hero! While I readily accept that my absurdly enthusiastic appreciation of this cretinous, cannibal crap-out will do little to endear me to the online hipster B-Movie cognoscenti, but, whether anyone else likes this salaciously silly film isn't going to keep me up at night, but viewed askew, I'm quite sure others of a similarly 'twisted bent' might find some grimy edification in Jess Franco's long-derided, beautifully bungled, Jungle jackanapes!

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