Di san zhong ai qing

2015 [CHINESE]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.0 10 459

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Yifei Liu as Zou Yu
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Reviewed by e-07232 9 / 10


I don't care, liu yifei is really beautiful !!!! the girl is in my aesthetic point . In this film, her performance is also very good, very moved me, I like. Although the love story is not perfect, but liu yifei's beauty is enough to make me ignore it, I love liu yifei

Reviewed by i_love_starwars 7 / 10

Bittersweet love story

An easy movie to watch, with, at times, truly breathtaking shots, giving this movie a sort of art-house feel to it.

"Di san zhong ai qing" is about the bitter sweet love story between wealthy business man Lin Qizheng and intelligent lawyer Zou Yu.

Sweet because of her initial resistance against his flirtations and the passion and love so sweetly depicted when she finally gives in.

Bitter because of the certain aspects in both of their backgrounds that seemingly make their love affair doomed from the start: Zou Yu lives with her chronically depressed sister, who works for Lin and has a unrequited crush on him, leading to her attempting to take her own life; Lin Qizheng on the other hand is so absorbed in his father's company that when his elder brother launders an incredible amount of money, his father sees no other solution than to marry him off to the daughter of his longtime friend - who in turn has no objection to the plan, in fact, she has been waiting for it for years.

I'm sure the love story between this movie's two main stars (who are dating in real life) is a happier one.

Reviewed by yourcate 10 / 10

Sad but real

I am giving this 10 stars because of the great execution of cinematography and screenplay. You see that the metaphor 'the number 3, being the third' is evident in the whole duration of the film. And people can see realness in this film that GREAT LOVE doesn't need a fairy tale-like happy ending. The film is not bitter. It's real.

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