2021 [ITALIAN]

Action / Crime / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abbatevittorio 1 / 10

Pretty... bad

This Diabolik was truly a disgrace, and the original by Mario Bava is 100% better because it was camp, fun and witty. There's not humor in it, more action than the original and all italian actors! Miriam Leone is the one at least that can save the movie, only because she's beautiufl. Go rent the original one, with Law, Mell and Piccoli. You won't regret it.

Reviewed by horrorules 6 / 10

A pretty decent movie.

Surely we are faced with a film with several defects, especially in the final part where the script goes too far and the photography is perhaps too like a TV movie, but the film is still fun and entertaining and has a nice retro 60's taste, the cast good expecially beautiful and talented Miriam Leone as Eva Kant, also excellent Mastandrea as Ginkgo, Marinelli, who was very good in They call me Jeeg, in this film he struggles a bit but still gives an appreciable performance as Diabolik. In conclusion a nice film but nothing more. My rating is 6/10.

Reviewed by giancarlospinelli 7 / 10

Accurate to the comic!

The story take up in a precise and detailed way number 3 volume of Diabolik.

The actors are perfectly portrayed, the choice of the two main characters is right, even if Diabolik appears very detached, a little less so Ginko, his movements are right but a little too Roman accent.

Even if the story tells about the first meeting and the union of the protagonists, the film gives more importance to the figure of Eva and less to Diabolik.

Direction promoted only in the second part of the film, soundtrack no!

Questionable screenplay.

2 hours are too many and the first half hour is too slow.

Vote 6,5.

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