Diamonds Are Forever


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Sean Connery as James Bond
Jill St. John as Tiffany Case
Sid Haig as Slumber Inc. Attendant
Bruce Glover as Mr. Wint
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Reviewed by chriswright1969 7 / 10

A fun non-political correct ride and time capsule.

The 7th official James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever does not have the reputation of being one of the better Bond epics. But I must admit for having a soft spot for Diamonds Are Forever despite the fact that in hindsight the film has missed some great opportunities.

It was decided to ignore the events of the previous Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) which ended with the murder of the wife of James Bond by his nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld. It could have been a great revenge movie, but it's not.

Diamonds Are Forever starts with a very short fight scene in a Japanese decor, telling us that it's starting where the 5th Bondfilm You Only Live Twice (1967) left off. At the time On Her Majesty's Secret Service was considered a failure (it wasn't) and the rumor was that the new James Bond actor George Lazenby got fired (he wasn't, he decided not to go on, much to his regret later). Ever since then, the reputation of On Her Majesty's Secret Service has surpassed Diamonds Are Forever.

But on the plus side Diamonds Are Forever is one of most efficient Bond films made. The tone is (a little too) lightweight, it has that smoothly early seventies style and shows what Las Vegas looked like in 1970/1971. The greatest asset of course is that Sean Connery returned to the franchise after being absent in the previous film. Older and a little too out of shape, Connery is at his most relaxed in this one and even here he is still the best cinematic interpretation of the character. A James Bond who has seen and done it all. The only time Bond is really surprised in this film is when he meets Blofeld again, whom he thought he had killed in the prologue.

Diamonds Are Forever may have discarded the revenge plot but It was a financial successful revenge for Sean Connery on the Bond producers. Connery always felt short changed by the producers but was lured back by United Artists for one more film for an enormous salary (which he donated) and benefits (including a two movie deal).

Diamonds Are Forever is also a guilty pleasure nowadays because Bond gets to do things which today's cinematic heroes can no longer get away with: he hits women, kicks Blofeld's cat and disposes easily of two stereotypical gay men (including finishing it off with a one liner). So, unless you're easily offended, Diamonds Are Forever can also be recommended as a terrific time capsule.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Nice Bond film with spectacular scenarios mostly filmed in Las Vegas

The movie resulted to be Sean Connery's last appearance as Bond before he returned again in ¨Never say never again¨ by Irwin Keshner . M ( Bernard Lee )assigns an under-grade mission to Bond dealing with diamonds robbing but the events go worse . This time Bond confronts Blofeld (Charles Gray) and a strange couple , Mr Kid and Mr Wint (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith ) in a intrigue about diamonds smuggling and a final with satellite full of nuclear weapons , holding of the world to ransom . Bond is helped by a Howard Hughes type recluse (Jimmy Dean) and of course Q (Desmond Llewelyn ). And the extraordinary presence of a marvelous girl (Jill St John) and secondary appearance another Bond female ( Lana Wood, Natalie Wood's sister ) in the ordinary Casino of Las Vegas .

The film contains spectacular fights , action packed , car chases , apocalyptic and overwhelming scenarios along with the typically glossy ingredients series but Sean Connery looks a little bit boring ,in fact is his Bond last film , before his surprising return . It is held together by fine acting and above all, and overwhelming level of tongue-in-cheek . Sean Connery as James Bond is cool , he has coldness and toughness , typical characters of the famous personage , but also earns in irony , suavity and smoothness . The interesting screenplay based on Ian Fleming's novel is written by Richard Maibaum and the recently deceased Tom Mankiewicz. The action is very good , the cinematography by Ted Moore is magnificent , the sets decent , but the real clincher is the fact that Bond is once more performed by a hero with the right stuff . The struggles were carefully choreographed by very accomplished athletes as a pair gorgeous killer karate female bodyguards and performed like a dance routine requiring each participant to hit their mark at the correct time . The picture is produced by habituals Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli filmed on location in Amsterdam , Netherland , Los Angeles ,Nevada and Pinewood Studios ,London,England. The atmosphere is faithful to the actual location but the interiors on a set at Pinewood Studios. Appropriate and wonderful -as usual- musical score by John Barry .Main title song is catching and marvelously performed by Shirley Bassey . The motion picture is well directed by Guy Hamilton who also directed ¨Live and let die¨, ¨the man with the golden gun¨ with Roger Moore and the best Bond : ¨Goldfinger ¨also with Sean Connery . Indispensable and essential watching for James Bond fans .

Reviewed by cinemajesty 6 / 10

Bond Seven

Movie Review: "007: Diamonds Are Forever" (1971)

The return of actor Sean Connery as the character of James Bond has been most welcome after the too young-received actor George Lazenby in an otherwise stunning picture of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969). Nevertheless this seventh adaptation of Ian Fleming's fourth "007" novel from 1956 drifts under Richard Maibaum's pen too much into a comic sketch of the former beauty and elegance-striving character of Bond. Even so "Diamonds Are Forever" receives a easy-going light-entertainment-infusion by director Guy Hamilton (1922-2016), back on job for the first-time since "Goldfinger" (1964).

The production values accompanied by action, humor, technological gadgets and super-villain "Blofeld", portrayed by the third-actor-change-up in four years Charles Gray (1928-2000) puts the world in states of crisis by operating a killer satellite to blow-up submarines from space, while "007" follows a trail of a blood diamond smuggler ring from Sierrra Leone, Africa to Las Vegas, Nevada USA before an about-to-burn oil rig scenario brings Blofeld and Bond to another low-thrill confrontation as in "You Only Live Twice" from 1967.

The production budget held steady by producers Albert R. Broccoli (1909-1996) and Harry Saltzman (1915-1994) at roundabout 7.5 Million U.S. Dollar, compared to predecessor from 1969. "Diamond Are Forever" is able to succeed with the audiences, due to Sean Connery's starpower in order to double the worldwide revenues from 59 Million in season 1969/1970 to 116 Million U.S. Dollars in another winter-releasing holiday season 1971/1972.

The 2nd title song performed by singer Shirley Bassey as title sequence designed by reprising designer Maurice Binder (1925-1991) mark a highlight in the "007" movie series. Nevertheless the editorial of 120 Minutes feels inbalanced after the departure of former "007" film editor turning director Peter Hunt (1925-2002), who's participation may have resulted into finer outlined and accelerated final cut with an already fully-character-overloaded "James Bond" movie that even a charming bond girl as actress Jill St. John hardly makes any impressions beyond looks on a constant action-driven matured character of master-spy "007".

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