Diary of a Mad Housewife


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7 10 1299

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Peter Boyle as Man in Group Therapy Session
Frank Langella as George Prager
Alley Mills as Women's lib girl
Alice Cooper as Alice Cooper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dataconflossmoor 10 / 10

SIlent Reproach is Often Times a Loaded Gun!!!!!!

Richard Benjamin and Carrie Snodgress are a married couple who are plagued with the preconceived notion that a prerequisite to living in Central Park West means being content with nothing!!!...Richard Benjamin is an attorney who is floundering in his attempt to be accepted into New York's intellectual circles!!!..Carrie Snodgress is a housewife who is fatigued with domestic malaise and always seems to be the scapegoat for her husband's frustrations...As a diversion, she seeks a form of social escapism by way of a gigolo...The relationship is manifested through sophisticated encounter...The gigolo is a precocious punk who gets emotionally abusive to her...As a result the wife (Carrie Snodgress) feels more isolated and confused than ever before in her life...At the end of the film, the wife finds out that her gigolo prefers the boys, and the husband is resolutely defeated by irrational conclusions in every aspect of his life...The lavish parties, the academic pretensions, and the extensive therapy are all urban subterfuges for individual insecurity!!!

The characters and the social situations are extremely well developed, especially in that they bring out the nuances as being the true culprits for this married couple's precarious existence!!!...This film makes avoidable disappointments a very emphatic reality!!... An Excellent!!!Excellent!!!Excellent!!! Excellent Film!!!!

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10

A delicious bestseller makes for an adequate urban comedy-drama

Carrie Snodgress is wistful, sad, conflicted, fed-up and funny playing harried NYC housewife on the verge of collapse; Richard Benjamin is her anal-retentive husband; and Frank Langella is her uncommitted lover. From Sue Kaufman's book, one of the funniest satiric novels of its era, comes this sometimes-surreal jumble by Frank Perry, who is so concerned with making a monster out of Benjamin's Jonathan that he in turn makes Snodgress' Tina look a little pathetic. The character was feistier in the book, with a (self-contained) deadpan sense of humor that Perry isn't quite able to replicate on film. This Tina has her moments--throwing her ruined Thanksgiving platter against the wall, berating Jonathan for making fun of her in front of the kids--and Snodgress is terrific, really the only reason to see the film. She overcomes the knockabout structure and obvious swipes at indifferent urbanites and makes something touching out of the material. I first saw this on television and admired a couple of scenes with Snodgress and her headstrong daughters (a beauty involved smacking her kid when she deserved it, and then going to apologize). I later rented the video and found a number of those scenes missing. Turns out they had been added to the network version to pad the picture's length from other cuts--mostly sexual ones involving Langella. This is a first: I liked the discards much better than what ended up in the actual movie. **1/2 from ****

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 10 / 10

A brutal film

Frank & Eleanor Perry's masterpiece of middle class angst stars Carrie Snodgress as a well-healed housewife dealing with the trials and tribulations of a horrendous life. Married to an idiotic, social climbing culture vulture and saddled with two impossibly bratty children, Snodgress seeks solace in an empty affair with a insanely callous writer. The acting is absolutely brilliant, not only by Snodgress but by Frank Langella as the writer and by Richard Benjamin as the nitwit husband. Benjamin does his best work here -- perfect in every way blaming his wife for all of his many flaws. Snodgress, who was Oscar nominated and became a star with this role, gives what has become a legendary performance. The unforgiving script is by Eleanor Perry & it's never made clear if what we're seeing (and hearing) is in Snodgress's mind, which may very well be warping things considering just how brutally she's treated by these two men. The tightly wound direction is by Frank Perry. Gerald Hirschfeld did the cinematography and the astounding production design is by Peter Dohanos. With Peter Boyle (briefly), Katherine Meskill and Lorraine Cullen as Sylvie, one of Snodgress's very bitchy daughters. One of the best and least appreciated films of the 1970s.

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