Diary of a Wimpy Kid


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Chloë Grace Moretz as Angie Steadman
Zachary Gordon as Greg Heffley
Brett Dier as 80s Breakdancer
Steve Zahn as Frank Heffley
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Reviewed by travelingaroundtown 10 / 10

An Entertaining and Fun Movie for Anyone of Any Age!

We went to see the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie this past week with a number of adults and kids and I have to say that everyone absolutely loved this movie. There is something for everyone to relate to in this movie, young or old. It stays true to the book which was a concern all of us had before seeing the movie. However, you don't have to read the book to enjoy this movie. In addition, the adaptation from the book to "silver screen" was one of the better ones I have seen and the transformation captured the essence of the story intact. There were a few additional scenes added to the movie that weren't in the book, but they kept in step with the story and didn't detract at all from the enjoyment of the film.

The cast was all well picked. The main character of the movie, Greg Heffley (played wonderfully by Zachary Gordon) stayed true to the book and he was totally believable. Everyone felt that this kid actor, Zach Gordon, did a great job of bringing life to this complex character and transforming Greg Heffley from a cartoon stick figure in the books to a real live person, while maintaining all his idiosyncrasies. It was also fun to watch him as, at times, he has these great facial expressions. The beauty of the movie was the added sensitivity and emotionality that presented itself in the film that wasn't available to us in the novel.

In the movie, Greg led us on an emotional roller-coaster ride throughout the film: first we liked him, then we hated him, then we felt sorry for him, then we loved him. His relationship with his best friend Rowley along with its ups and downs (hey, just like real life) was great for kids to see. For adults, it would remind us of the "real" friendships we had (from simpler times) in those early Jr. High School years. Before computers we had real "live" friendships and we really did go over to our friends' houses to "play".

I did not find the movie "trite" "predictable", or "slow". The comedy was evenly paced and kept the attention of the audience throughout, including my kids. This is a very entertaining movie that can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids. If you want a fun, witty, wholesome, and relatable story that will both touch and entertain you at the same time, go see this movie, it won't disappoint.

Reviewed by gianfrancotb 4 / 10

Is "false realism" a movie genre? Because there is some faux realism in this work.

Greg is a disgusting egomaniac little protagonist for this coming of age film and, while his innocence may be bothersome in the first few scenes, Rowley, his best friend, is everything the likable person and admirably moral guy that Greg is not. And there's people like that in the real world, the black and the white (by western metaphorical standards).

Yet there are the infrasurreal elements; Rowley being naive enough to stay as Greg's friend for so long, them being best friends in the first place, karma kicking Greg in the butt and giving Rowley what he deserved (in the real world people like Rowley are shoved into anonymous submission and those like Greg, well, they become politicians or enter the showbiz, unless they manage to gain ownership over a successful company and become businessmen and entrepreneurs).

The initial, no matter how in a hurry you are, you just do not act as careless as him, and it even looks like it mimics the starting scene of an old show with Greg taking the place of the hardworking father who is in a hurry to go to work.

Manny. Was some CG used with him as it was with the cockroach? Many times his face seemed false, I could say the same of Greg's father, but it could be just that the actor is ugly.

And the cheese touch. From the start it was an obvious Chekhov gun but the intrigue was about how it was going to be used... SPOILER ALERT: Rowley's upcoming illness should be a dead giveaway of Greg's sacrifice, and a sure way to get the bullies in jail. END OF SPOILER. In the real world sanitation would have dealt with rotting cheese that magically survives generations without its decomposition spreading thin the remains until there is nothing to be seen. Something as simple as handling it with a napkin could suffice. And as a 13 year old reviewer said... The reaction to someone touching such a piece of cheese wouldn't extend to kids and teen of such diverse ages. Nor it would last long. I remember killing a spider with my fingers and freaking out the three or four eyewitnesses, it didn't last more than that day I think, or week, month tops. I would exaggerate if I said they were 11 years old, I am not sure how the US system of lower school, middle school and high school works, how middle school translates to the system of lower school and upper school used in my country, in my school, but he looks older than that. Their immaturity could not be denied.

Bottomline, the work pushes reality like few other works, using it maturely, but also pushes childish fiction even more so than other works; at times the script seems taken from the muppets, with Greg as egolatry incarnated, Miss Piggy, male human version... But also at times the script seems like memoirs turned into a fable. The protagonists are black and white, but the story is grayscale and has some technicolour to boot. It is no silent movie, morally wise. And yes, morality matters, not only in general but in this movie, otherwise it would be a pointless movie as it is a coming of age story drawn towards a moral lesson, the goal is right there at the climax towards the end.

So why did I watch it if I grade it that low? Why would I recommend it? Do I even recommend it? I came to the movie as part of research, but I stayed for the punishment, watching Greg get his comeuppance brought invigorating schadenfreude to me and instilled enough interest to keep watching despite having seen enough to know I wasn't watching what I expected to. I was expecting Greg to give up for once and for all and, somehow, despite the anti-climatic ending that would be, to have it all wrap up in a way that satisfied the seemingly wasted time I spent watching the movie. I was waiting for Greg to touch the cheese.

Sidenote: Rodrick, Greg's older brother, was certainly a source of fun, all his abuse on Greg came out with delicious gusto as I hated that petty fool throughout the whole movie. It was disappointing to see him get some retribution although that was what was pleasant with his brother, the retribution he got. But, like Greg, he shows how much a failure his parents are as such, not to forget the useless moral advice; "trust your gut".

I am overanalizying this and it is just a family movie to watch when you have time to waste, with an outcome that was the movie's hidden ace, in the hole or up its sleeves, only foreseeable as it drew near. Greg doing the right thing for the first time in the movie and earning a little something for that, and becoming wiser, was an unexpected source of pleasure, and it justified him being such a jerk before that, character development and heel-face turn is not possible if all you have is a face from the start. Taking place much earlier seeing Rowley becoming wiser was also pleasant; when Rowley ditched Greg, Quixote earned some sense of reality, Sancho Panza earned some self respect. Conversely Greg's sacrifice was Sancho Panza becoming a little more dreamy and Quixote realizing, more realistically than before, the value of Sancho Panza. A whole commentary on sidekicks contained as the kernel of truth in a stupid movie.

Would I recommend it? Not any more, if you have read all this review, with or without spoiler, you already have enough to not need the movie at all. But please, be my guest, watch it, prove me wrong if you really have time to spare or want to have some shallow family time with your kids. After all, this review is only what I see, you may see more, you may see less.

Reviewed by Mr-Fusion 6 / 10

A decent diary entry

I didn't give "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" much credit when I'd first heard about it, and that's because they went the live-action route. The charm of the books is the comic book aspect; each drawing has that Dilbert-like simplicity and you'd be surprised how much humor can be wrung out of such rudimentary artwork. No, seriously, the books are hysterical. I never understood why they didn't just go CGI like "Captain Underpants". It stayed true to the books and it worked.

That said, the movie does capture the heart of the books, and that's what matters. The character of Greg is a little off (he's kind of a dick) but his relationship with Rowley is the important part. It still takes some getting used to pegging these actors as the characters we know so well, but then again, I did laugh more than I'd expected to.


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