1997 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Fantasy / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbdumonteil 7 / 10

not bad...

Alain Chabat is a very popular French actor. This movie constitutes his first transition behind the camera. Far from being a perfect success, "Didier" remains a fair and honest comedy.

Alain Chabat adopted a correct making that contains interesting clever visuals and ringing brainwaves. It succeeds in compensating a rather slight screenplay. It's based on a convenient situation: this is the story of a man (Jean-Pierre Bacri) who's very embarrassed because he's got to cope with several problems, especially professional. One of his friend asks him to take care of his dog, "Didier". One morning, "Didier" has become a man... Moreover, some parts of the screenplay make it conventional, Didier will find out (unwittingly) the solution to solve his master's worries and predictable (imagine the feelings of people who see a man on the street who behaves like a dog).

At last, the movie loses of its lure when it comes to deal with football (Jean-Pierre Bacri plays the role of an unlucky trainer). Despite everything, some dialogs and several sequences are funny enough to burst into laughter. The result isn't great but it's nice. It's also a movie with an ounce of fantastic. One last thing: Alain Chabat had the good idea by not revealing the truth about Didier's transformation into a man.

Reviewed by pennya 9 / 10

One of the best examples of French humour

I first saw Didier when it came out - back in 1997. I was living in Brussels then and although my French was not very good yet, I enjoyed it _a lot_. I just saw it on video for the second time and I'm so glad I did because I could now fully appreciate the humour in Alain Chabat's dialogues (which unfortunately lose a bit of their sharpness when translated to other languages) and Jean-Pierre Bacri's performance. Bacri is a very good actor - very natural, very real and very charming. And Chabat is perfect as a ... human dog - even in small details as in the way he looks at Bacri when he scolds him about sniffing other people's ass or when he asks him whether he slept with his girlfriend. I do hope that Chabat will soon create another film as funny, original and "genial" as Didier. P.S. If you speak French, don't miss the credits at the end of the film and the small messages from Chabat here and there.

Reviewed by csagne 5 / 10

A pleasant moment, should have been shorter

Didier is an unusual film about a dog becoming a man, keeping his dog's mind.

It deals with a humorous tone with more serious things, and the fact that Alain Chabat wrote the script and is the main protagonist is a plus - but also shows the limits. A few nice, very funny moments, smart and hilarious lines "hey you treat him real bad. You talk to him like he's a dog".

Shot in Montpellier, Southern France, it's a pleasant film for an hour or so. It won't change your life but was never meant to. Kept a bit shorter, it would have been better even, the end is slow to come.

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