Die gläserne Zelle

1978 [GERMAN]

Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 174

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Dieter Laser as David Reinalt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10

Injustice, Prison, Jealousy and Murders

The architect Phillip Braun (Helmut Griem) is framed by his former employer Lasky (Walter Kohut) that embezzles the money that should be used to buy suitable material of a construction that collapses, killing a person. Phillip is wrongly imprisoned and for five years his lawyer David Reinalt (Dieter Laser) is not capable to prove that Lasky is the responsible for the accident.

When Phillip is released, he meets his beautiful wife Lisa Braun (Brigitte Fossey) and then his son Timmie (Claudius Kracht). Soon Lasky seeks Philip out to poison the relationship of his wife with David. Lisa is very close to David and Phillip becomes suspicious of their friendship. David finds a job for Phillip with a friend of him and he tells that Lasky is pressing him because he is still trying to prove Phillip's innocence. Soon Lisa confesses to her husband that she had a brief two-week love affair with David a long time ago when he was in prison, but now they are only friends. Phillips is disturbed with the revelation and his jealous increases while Lisa frequently visits David. One day, Phillip visits David and he tells that he has just saved his life since Lasky was trying to kill him. But Phillip kills David with a statue and cleans his fingerprints. Lasky and Phillip becomes the prime suspect of Police Commissioner Österreicher (Bernhard Wicki). However, Lasky had bugged David's apartment and he blackmails Phillip with an audio tape. What will Phillip do?

"Die gläserne Zelle" is an amoral story of injustice, prison, jealousy and murders. Phillip Braun is a tormented man that suffered for five years an injustice in a prison. He was separated from his wife and son, and leaves the confinement in jail with a different behavior, almost paranoid. He cannot find a job; he suspects that his wife is having a love affair with his defense lawyer; his little son calls the lawyer of "uncle". His disturbed mind is deeply affected when the responsible for his imprisonment poisons the relationship of his beloved wife and his lawyer. His next attitudes show how deeply affected he was along the period in jail. The conclusion is amoral but the real world is not fair. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Cela de Vidro" ("Glass Cell")

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Interesting setting and premise, but the depth is missing

"Die gläserne Zelle" or "The Glass Cell" is a West German movie from 1978, so this one will have its 40th anniversary next year. The director and one of the writers is Hans W. Geissendörfer and as his film here was nominated for an Oscar, these 90 minutes are perhaps his biggest success. Even in the 1970s, there were still many films that dealt with German history, especially those that received awards attention, but this one here not really. It is more a story and tale about the individual characters. The one in the center is Phillip Braun, an innocent man who ended up in prison and who also struggles with the (potential) infidelity of his wife. So you could indeed really say that he is a victim of society and of his peers. How are things going to turn out eventually? Will there be an outbreak of emotions, quiet suffering? Perhaps even death. You need to watch for yourself to find out. Still despite the inclusion of actors like Griem, Laser, Kohut, Wicki and Fossey, all of them pretty prolific and successful, I would not really recommend the watch. I felt that at times the narrative was not really convincing and also that the bleakness was executed in a way where it missed out in terms of excitement and solid character development. The performances weren't all bad, not bad at all really, but they can also only be as good as the script lets them. I for once can only say I am surprised that this one got nominated for an Oscar (where it lost to a French film starring Depardieu) and also was fairly successful at other awards ceremonies like the German Film Awards. When it comes to (partially) German films with glass in the title from the 1970s, "The Man in the Glass Booth" is still the way to go. That one I highly recommend, this one here not so much. Watch something else instead.

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