Dienstbereit - Nazis und Faschisten im Auftrag der CIA

2013 [GERMAN]

Documentary / History / War

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 99

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rwfanj 3 / 10

A fairly comedic production with lots of conspiracy theories

Basically what you have here is a short conspiracy theory film that blames the CIA for everything u see the sun since WWII. Much of the information about the Nazis involved is fairly correct, but they jump to some serious conclusions about how deeply they were involved in CIA activities. I watched it thinking it would be about Nazis being used as intelligence assets post WWII, but it just quickly devolves into a conspiracy laden CIA "hate fest".

The cast includes a known 9/11 conspiracy theorist, Adrian Von Bülow, a far right terrorist and some decidedly FAR left wing "usual suspects" that are definitely part of the "blame America first" crowd. It's good entertainment for those that like conspiracy theories but it's about 85-90% false.

Reviewed by apjc 8 / 10

Very good documentary.

Basically reviews how dirty the dirty business of spying / intelligence is. At the end of WWII the U.S. began grabbing every Nazi who might be of use. The V rocket scientists were an early target, even though they had complicity in the deaths of slave labourers, so as to further U.S. development of larger rockets. This documentary concerns itself with even worse examples of those recruited, it's a rogues gallery of death squad leaders and ardent Nazi and Fascist members Includes the less than honourable actions taken to combat any Communist movement in S. America. Then throw in the fact that all of the Bundesbank financial reserves were considered Nazi loot, so the U.S. basically looted it. Today you can with proper documentation and evidence claim back works of art that were looted from your family, not money and gold. Reason Europe was destitute after WWII was the real victors U.S and U.S.S.R did what most victors do, plundered all the vanquished.

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