Dillinger Is Dead

1969 [ITALIAN]

Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7 10 2390

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Annie Girardot as Sabine
Anita Pallenberg as Ginette

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Reviewed by MartinHafer 1 / 10

If you like incomprehensible and pretentious art films, then this one is for you!

Recently, "Dillinger is Dead" has apparently been re-discovered...at least that's what the host on Turner Classic Movies said. I would have just have soon had it remain a lost film!

The biggest reason I watched this film is because it stars Michel Piccoli--a very fine actor who appeared in many French and Italian films. I have enjoyed his work a lot...and this film is the first of his that I truly hated. There isn't a lot of plot to this one and it mostly consists of Piccoli doing a lot of strange and nonsensical puttering around his house late one night while his lover sleeps. He discovers a hidden gun and although you'd think this would introduce some important plot element, after cleaning it, oiling it and painting(?) it, he prances about his home doing bizarro things--such as playing home movies and kissing the ladies in the film as well as playing with his fingers and watching a bullfight. Ultimately,

The film is the epitome of the art film. The camera-work is occasionally jerky and amateurish. The plot, such as it is, makes no real sense and the main character is just weird and seemingly pointless (sort of like the lead in Godard's "Pierre le Fou"). If your idea of fun is seeing a lot of weirdness interrupted occasionally by a bit of nudity, by all means watch the film. As for me, life is just too short and I cannot imagine most viewers (95-99% perhaps) enjoying the film in the least.

Reviewed by wes-connors 6 / 10

They Shoot Movies, Don't They?

Wealthy, middle-aged gas-mask maker Michel Piccoli (as Glauco) arrives home late from work and finds his beautiful blonde wife in bed with a headache. While she blows kisses to her goldfish, Mr. Piccoli rejects the dinner she left and decides to make a hot gourmet meal. Gathering ingredients, Mr. Piccoli opens a closet door and some poorly-stacked newspapers fall out onto the floor. Restacking the items, Piccoli finds an unexpected object wrapped in a newspaper containing an article on the death of 1930s US gangster John Dillinger. This is where director Marco Ferreri derives "Dillinger Is Dead" as a title. Piccoli is intrigued by his newspaper discovery and it ends up changing his life...

Mr. Ferreri and Piccoli appear to be having fun with this arty film. They may have been having a little too much fun. It starts out with some rather explicit references to a theme. You could call it "the alienation of modern man," and Ferreri does appear to be naming that as his thesis. Later, it veers perilously close to a mid-life crisis. The protagonist is difficult to identify with; possibly, he's too bourgeois. Some scenes move as slow as molasses or, as you'll see, honey. A "finger dance" segment enlivens an otherwise dull portion; it's pointless, but that's what fingers do. This viewer narrowed it down to two options for Glauco, considering his discovery. Not sure he made the best choice.

****** Dillinger Is Dead (1/23/1969) Marco Ferreri ~ Michel Piccoli, Annie Girardot, Anita Pallenberg, Gino Lavagetto

Reviewed by writers_reign 4 / 10

So Is Vaudeville

This is one for the Accatone set, those pseuds petrified in the Nouvelle Vague who haunt the movie theatre just off Boul' Mich sharing eternal spliffs and wondering why no one does Jump Cuts anymore. Michel Piccoli - alone on screen for over half the running time - does nothing all at once. Piccoli, who once starred in a REAL movie called The Things Of Life, contemplates the things of life on a conveyor belt that has been looped so we get the same things over and over but probably a centimetre away from where they were first second and third time around. For no apparent reason other than to make some sort of left-handed sense of the title, whilst rummaging in a closet he stumbles across a package that when untied turns out to be a gun wrapped in a newspaper that carries an account of John Herbert Dillinger, famously arrested in a movie theatre in Chicago. Piccoli strips the gun, oils and cleans it, reassembles it and shoots his sleeping wife. Why? Why not. It's THAT kind of movie. Having done so he goes for a swim, as you do, climbs on board a private yacht where they are just burying the cook at sea. Spotting a vacancy he puts himself forward for the job, is given a trial, no questions asked and sails away. Arrested development Godard fans will LOVE this one whilst those who like REAL movies will give it a wide berth.

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