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Wood Harris as Brax
Brittany Daniel as Tatiana
Aimee Garcia as Rita
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Salim Adel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dilbertsuperman 5 / 10

Shows nothing we haven't already seen presented better.

This is your standard cop drama crap that you can see better done on various television shows about cops. There's no new territory covered here or any new story involved. This is about two partners on the anti-gang unit. Cuba Gooding's character is more comfortable being dirty than his latino partner, who has visions that are representative of his guilt. We come on the scene as Clifton Colinns' character is well on his way to blowing in the entire department to Internal Affairs out of some misguided sense of guilt. This cop is an idiot and makes a number of dense-headed decisions in this movie that lead to a world of sh#4t.

THe plot is mainly watching the deconstruction and demise of our main characters as they continually make the wrong move and get themselves deeper into the gangster infested sh#4t.

A few too many scenes were borrowed from a far superior movie- Training Day.

This is watchable, and forgettable. It's nothing new.

Reviewed by geomac39 7 / 10

no hope

there was a review quote " If you liked " Traing Day " then you will like this. No, its way past Training Day in violence. Way past anything I've seen in the gritty reality stakes. A bad part of Los Angeles, where the population, it seems to me, is split between predators and prey.... and even the prey are opportunists who will turn to crime when it suits them. Thats the message of this movie. A corner of Tinseltown where civilisation does not exist, where anarchy rules, where the police are the most powerful criminal gang and will do anything to stay there. Everything's corrupt, except possibly the impotent Internal affairs office. Police officer played by Cuba Gooding Jr says to his partner played by Clifton Collins Jr. " Don't you get it ? there ARE no gangs, we've got rid of them all and WE are the only gang left " A good movie, but one that left a strong feeling of foreboding in me, and a realisation that all of us depend on a very thin veneer of civilisation, which, when overstressed can collapse in ruins.

Reviewed by burtandivy 10 / 10

Saw the premiere last night

Some great performances and a good story. The score was really cool, setting the mood throughout the movie and I thought Gooding did a convincing turn as a cop. Inevitably this will be compared to Denzel Washington's performance in Training Day. And although the budget for this film was probably a quarter of Trainign Day's, I think this film is superior. Why? The last 15 minutes in Training Day were a mess and tainted the movie. Here, the performances are on par and there's no ridiculous John Woo-type chase/action scene to end on. Clifton Collins is great and Gooding reminds us what an actor he can be if his agent gives him a halfway-decent script to work with. I recommend.

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