Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A.



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jayraskin1 5 / 10

Dirty Gertie is Only Flirty

The movie is effective as long as it sticks to the movie "Rain" script that it is adapted from. Unfortunately when it strays, it becomes pointless and dull. I suspect that director Spenser Williams didn't want to offend his audience with a portrayal of a Reverend lusting after a prostitute. Franchette Everett is excellent as Gertie. She brings the type of sensuality to the film that really lifts it up. It is a shame that she was not given more song and dance numbers. Franchette was called the most beautiful woman in Harlem and should have been a big star in Hollywood, but she refused to take racist roles.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 3 / 10

One of the better Spencer Williams films is still tough going

Well known showgirl goes on the run and ends up on a small island hiding out with her band until things blow over. However she just can't give up her wild life style.

Spencer Williams, one of the few black directors of the period is at the helm here and while he turned out a great many films he wasn't a very good director. Actors are arranged in almost tableaux and the scripts are rather poor. Williams also tends to have the camera in one place with little variation. You have to give the man credit for the large number of films he turned out, but you really will wish he was a better filmmaker

As Williams movies go this film was better than most however its still a chore to get through, owing to the fact that the .

Reviewed by classicsoncall 6 / 10

"Nobody tells me what to do. I tell them".

Somehow it didn't sound believable when Gertie La Rue told her pal - "Don't worry honey, I'm through with all men". More like 'I'm through with them for tonight, time to get some rest'.

Apparently Gertie (Francine Everett) was on the run from Harlem and an abusive relationship, landing on the island of Rinidad (not a typo) where she's welcomed for a musical revue at Diamond Joe's Paradise Hotel. In tow are members of her entourage and a couple of boys in uniform who shower Gertie with affection and the materialistic things she loves - rings, diamonds and jewelry.

One can't help feel there's an ominous shadow following Gertie around on the island, as a piano player from her past is forbidden to play one of her old tunes, and her lifestyle comes under attack by the self righteous Jonathan Christian, a holy roller if I ever saw one who practically convulses when he sees Gertie delve into her act. Christian vows to get her off the island, and isn't above striking her after interfering with her rather innocent strip tease. At least innocent enough for this flick, she only got her elbow length gloves off before the good Christian caused a scene.

Directed by Spenser Williams, I'm still scratching my head over his own role in the film as Old Hager, a fortune teller dressed as a woman, but with a decidedly masculine voice. There was a hint of voodoo in his characterization, but the picture never really went in that direction. When the abusive 'Al' from Harlem arrived, he put an end to Gertie's flirtations in a rather permanent way, a somewhat shocking ending I must say, considering the breezy feel of the picture up till that final moment.

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